Wearing the right shirt, polo, and T-shirt can let you present yourself as a polished and professional individual. With various brands, sizes, cuts, and designs, it can be simple to know what tapered shirt will work best for your needs.

When it comes to men’s fashion, anyone must be able to wear anything they want. But if you have broad shoulders as they do at Tapered Menswear, online shopping can be a bit of a challenge.

The best tops for broad shoulders fit comfortably, and beginning with a loose or stretchy fabric, which moves with you is a perfect place to begin.

Tapered Menswear’s shirts and polos are perfect for bigger gentlemen who are still searching for a fitted shirt but may need a little bit of room, particularly in the shoulders, arms, and waist.

Introducing Tapered Menswear…

Tapered Menswear is a groundbreaking apparel brand for bodybuilders and men with athletic builds.

Founder Scott Liebenberg also struggled to find the perfect physique-enhancing proportional shirts that are ready to wear and ready to perform. He reimagined the traditional dress shirt to bring their exclusive TAPERED fit shirts.

The men’s clothing brand prides itself on not compromising on quality or style, which is why its Muscle Fit Shirts are made from the finest stretch cotton materials.

Moreover, their shirts are sophisticated and elegant and result from extreme attention to detail, along with a subtle logo on the wrist and buttons.

Like most of their customers, Scott worked office jobs and for years experienced the frustration of wearing ill-fitting shirts that should be tucked in from the back and sides each time they stood up from the desk.

Traditional shirts fit well in the shoulders and chest, but they always bag around the waist. Later in 2016, Scott finally jumped and collaborated with a team of industry experts and designers to bring their exclusive TAPERED fit shirt.

A Variety of Men’s Wear is on Offer

  • Men’s muscle-fit shirts

These shirts are professionally designed for bodybuilders with narrow waists and wide shoulders. Tapered Muscle Fit Shirts are also accessible in short sleeves, ideal for a V-taper body. Their dress shirts are also made from elegant high-quality cotton and available in a basic colors, like navy blue, black, white, and more. Long sleeves, short sleeves, and denim are widely available for you.

  • Men’s muscle-fit polo shirts

Tapered Menswear’s unique tapered fit is cut for a V taper frame. Similar to their Muscle Fit T-Shirts, their polo shirts must fit in the shoulders and arms while hugging the waist.

Made for the masses, their polo shirts are made with premium mesh fabric that feels and looks great at the same time. You can also choose from a long or short polo sleeve.

  • Men’s muscle fit T-shirt

Tapered Menswear has created its V-neck muscle-fit T-shirt with its signature Tapered Fit. These are cut from the same unique design as their dress shirts for bodybuilders.

What’s more, the Tapered fit cut is closer to the body than any other T-shirt but is made with premium, heavy-weight cotton that feels and looks luxurious.

If you are only looking for a men’s wear brand that considers your unique body needs, Tapered Menswear got you covered. If you’re ready to shop, visit them at https://taperedmenswear.com today!

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