You know how some guy’s names just sound so sexy right from the get-go? Like hearing “Nathan” gets my attention way more than “Bernard” ever would. Well, this fun article looks at the male names that we ladies find hottest, based on real opinions. It explores which names have that dreamy quality – from classics like Joseph to trendy picks like Hunter.

The point is, certain names just give guys an automatic edge in attracting us. Not that your name defines you, but there are definitely ones I’m drawn to more than others. Speaking for myself, if you’ve got one of those irresistible heartthrob names, you’ve already got my interest before I even meet you! It’s a lighthearted look at why we perceive some names as hotter.

What Is The Most Attractive Male Name Of All Time?

Last October, I wrote a piece detailing the male names that are inherently, invariably hot. You know, the names that just never do not belong to people you find attractive. Liam. Forrest. Nolan, Noel, Hunter. Naming your kid one of these is just destining him to be a total heartthrob (bonus points if you name your daughter one of those because women with conventionally male names are also invariably cool, effortless and ridiculously attractive). And such is the way of the world.

Given that we were discussing Christina Aguilera‘s decision to name her kid something that sounds like a Bath & Body Works candle, I thought we could move onto a more positive note and talk about our favorite names for boys.

In addition to names I just plan find attractive, there are also ones that simply have a nice ring to them. I like Dillon, Scott, Joseph, Dustin…they’re all excellent names with nice rings to ’em. Honestly, provided you’re not naming your kid Hitler, Pepsi or Puppy, you’re probably not doing too poorly on the “titling of a human being” front.

So, what is your all-time favorite male name? Tell us in the comments! And if you feel like explaining, definitely explain–I’m sure the men with those names would love to know why they’re so lucky.

The 30 Most Attractive Male Names Of All Time

Yesterday, we asked you to tell us what you think is the most attractive name for guys. You know, names that when you hear them, you’re just automatically into it; if your friend tried to set you up with a dude with this name, you would be like, “Yes, because those with that title are invariably attractive human beings and at the very least, this will begin an excellent affair.” Just as there are names you do not trust, and others are just silly, there are also names you just can’t help but love.

Most Attractive Male Names

I made my own list of these last year, but I was curious to see how many of the ones I picked would line up with everybody else’s thoughts. From Dylan to Nathan, Ian to Wesley, these are the most attractive names of all time, according to our readers. One of my favorite answers came not in the form of a name so much as a suffix, with Kate Hendricks responding, “Anything the 3rd.” A+ and ridiculously accurate, Kate.

So, what are the other most attractive male names ever? Let’s take a look because if you happen to know somebody with any of these names (which you almost certainly do), it’s time to let them know that they are lucky enough to have been gifted with a Hot Person Name. And be sure to check out our list of the 30 hottest female names, too!

12 Hot Guy Names That Are Inherently Hot

In all of our minds, there are hot guy names with negative and positive connotations. Perhaps you hate the name of somebody who cheated on you in tenth grade, or the first name of a girl who bullied you, or perhaps the name of a guy who subsequently went to jail for selling coke after you dated (my taste in men blows my mind with brilliance, too). But then there are those names you just love. You simply cannot help it. They’re hot names: names that inexplicably tend to be attached to hot people.

Guy Names

As we have discussed in the past, some hot guy names are dealbreakers, so now it’s time to talk about the ones that we find almost invariably attractive. Obviously, there are names for women who are attractive (a post you can look forward to in the future because I need to discuss my undying devotion to the name “Chloe”), but for now, we shall just talk about dude names, including a few unisex choices.

There are definite exceptions, but between the women in our office, these are the ones found to be the most snazzy in nature.

Some Names Are Dealbreakers

Not just super weird names like “Apple.” I’d happily date an Apple, personally, because they seem like they’d probably have had to cultivate a pretty good personality. Not so with anyone named Naomi.

Chuck Klosterman (whose new book I Am The Black Hat is excellent) tells Bookish that, among others, you should not date a:


If a red-haired woman is named Naomi, hide in the basement. She is the postmodern “Jezebel.”


Science tells us that almost 82 percent of guys named “Derrick” are jerks. How can you argue with science?

Look, I want to say this goes double for Nomi’s because just look at Showgirls.

You can’t argue with science, I guess. Over at Blufashion, we’re wary of:


On the other hand, I’m almost certainly dating someone with an obviously evil name like Beelzebub. I’d probably assume that they’d had to work really hard to compensate for it and spent a lot of time volunteering with various worthy causes and generally being nice to people. Obviously, I could be pretty mistaken about this, and there’s a good chance this means I will end up dating the devil or one of his minions when introduced to a “Satan” or “Belial” at a party. Admittedly, that doesn’t happen that often, but it’s not like it could never happen.

No matter. I’d still date Belial over at Tara any day of the week (sorry, Taras. If you are a Tara reading this, I am almost certain that you are the one exception to this general rule).

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