Wearing a shirt and tie is often a must for men, both in personal and professional circumstances. Selecting an appropriate and attractive tie is the key to a polished appearance on such an occasion. If you’ve walked into a shop and been confronted with a vast range of men’s ties, then you may be a little unsure about what color, pattern, and fabric to select and where to begin with making a choice. If you’re feeling somewhat at a loss, then the best bet is to consider each of these elements in turn so that you can narrow down the options and find the right tie quickly and painlessly.

The following are some of the most important considerations when choosing a tie (and some hints on what to avoid!)


The choice of material can make a big difference when it comes to picking the right men’s ties. The most common options are silk or faux silk. Silk has a lovely finish and is the easiest to knot, but if you’re on a tight budget, then a faux silk tie is a more affordable alternative.

Alternatively, you may look for a satin tie, which can be an attractive choice if you are planning to wear the tie for a special occasion or event. The other options include wool for cooler months and cotton ties.


When you’re looking for men’s silk ties, you’ll quickly realize that there are ties in practically every color of the rainbow. Whilst having plenty of choices can sometimes be a good thing, it can often simply make it more difficult to choose the right tie. If you’re struggling to pick the perfect color, then it is worthwhile taking into account the color of the shirt you’ll be wearing, as well as the suit you’ll be wearing it with, and making sure it complements both.

Red ties tend to make a powerful statement, while blue ties are common among business professionals. Black ties are often worn during formal events, while greens and brighter colors are popular in warmer months and for informal occasions.


Men’s ties can come with any number of patterns, and novelty ties seem to pop up repeatedly. If you are looking to make a good impression, for example, at a job interview, then stick with something simple and classic. Diagonal stripes are one of the safest options for ties, and they are fairly easy to coordinate with a shirt. If wearing striped ties with striped shirts, a handy tip is to pair a widely spaced striped tie with a narrower spaced striped shirt for a smart, balanced look.


Once you’ve selected the perfect tie, the final hurdle is getting it tied and sitting at the right length. A good option is to avoid ready-tied men’s ties. As a general rule, the tie should extend down to the belt, and the knot should sit snugly in place, covering the top shirt button.

When you’re wearing a suit and tie, you have an opportunity to create a good impression. This is equally true whether you’re attending a job interview, holding an important business meeting, or going to a wedding or special occasion. With a bit of forethought, there is no need to feel overwhelmed by choice when selecting a tie. Simply consider the color, pattern, and fabric to ensure that you have the important elements covered, and you’ll find something with the minimum of worry or fuss.

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