Men's Suits: How to Choose the Perfect Suit
Men’s Suits: How to Choose the Perfect Suit. (Credits: Instagram / @menssuithub).

Men’s suits are one of those fashion essentials that require careful consideration before a final decision is made. When buying a suit, it is important that some thought is given to when and where the suit will be worn. A day-to-day business suit is a very different prospect from a tuxedo or a morning suit. A suit can be the cornerstone of a man’s wardrobe, so suits for men are available with a wide variety of cuts and tailoring.

Why a suit is essential

A suit is an essential item for every man. If your job requires you to wear a suit each day, then you may find it best to purchase several suits. Suits for men can come in a range of cuts and styles, so if you only need to wear a suit for more formal occasions, you may want to stick with something classic with simple, timeless tailoring. A suit is a great option for dressing smartly, as the structure and cut of a suit are very masculine, and the tailoring of the outfit is impressive.

Selecting a suitable fabric

If you’re buying a suit that you intend to wear only occasionally, such as to weddings or formal occasions, then it is advisable to stick with classic wool suits. By sticking to traditional colors and a classic cut, you’ll get the maximum wear from the suit over a period of time.

On the other hand, if you have a job that requires you to wear a suit every day, then you may want to be a bit more inventive when selecting fabrics. Wearing a suit every day suggests you’ll purchase men’s suits more regularly. If that is the case, then you might want to experiment with different colors and fabrics, such as a wool/silk blend suit or even a lighter-weight cotton suit.

Choosing a jacket style

Suits for men come in various cuts, the most common being single-breasted and double-breasted jackets. When selecting a jacket, the most popular and also the most common type of jacket is a single-breasted jacket with two buttons. This jacket is popular because it gives a clean line and it looks good on men of all shapes. One button offers a less formal look, while three buttons can give the appearance that the wearer is taller than they are.

A double-breasted suit is slightly more formal and a less common option nowadays.

When you are selecting a jacket, you may also want to look at men’s suits that have vents. These are the slits at the back of the suit, and a jacket may have a center or side vents or no venting at all. The advantage of the vents is two-fold. Firstly, they make it easier to reach pockets whilst wearing the jacket, and they also make it easier to sit comfortably in the jacket. With no vents, the wearer may feel more constricted, and they will have to bunch up the jacket should they need to get anything from their pockets.

Selecting the right trousers

Like jackets, suits for men come with a variety of different cuts for trousers. Traditionally, pleated pants were the usual option. However, this is less common nowadays, as more flattering and modern flat front trouser is more often sold with the suit. If you are thicker around the waist, then the more conservative pleated style is likely to be more comfortable. Cuffs on suits for men provide a way of adding weight to pants to ensure they sit properly. If you are on the shorter side, however, you may want to leave the cuffs, as they can tend to accentuate a lack of height.

Selecting the right style, cut, fabric, and color are all important points to consider when selecting men’s suits. Wool suits are often a good choice when buying a first suit, as these are among the most versatile and widely available suits for men.

Essential Suits Every Man Should Own: A Guide to Colours and Styles

Essential Suits Every Man Should Own
A Guide to Colors and Styles. (Credits: Instagram / @g.krabbenhoft).

A man’s wardrobe is rarely complete without at least one suit. If you wear suits regularly, it is handy to have a range of color options available to ensure you have every occasion covered.

Grey suit

A grey suit is a good choice for workday wear. Dark charcoal is one of the most popular, and this can work well in both wool and cotton. With a good quality fabric and classic cut, this is the type of item that is easily spruced up with a bold colored shirt or tie or can be worn in a more conservative fashion with a simple silk tie and white shirt.

Blue suit

The current fashion for blue suits is predominantly navy blue. If you wear suits every day, then the blue suit can be a useful addition to your wardrobe to ensure you have a variety of outfits at your disposal throughout the working week. Blue suits are ideal for business, casual parties, and lunches.

Classic Black suit

By adding a classic black suit to your wardrobe, you have something that is useful for work functions, evenings out, and the office.

Pinstripe suit

The pinstripe is an enduring choice of fabric for suiting. Popular options include navy, charcoal, and black pinstripe. A classic fabric deserves a classic cut, so if you have one or more suits already, then you may decide to select your pinstripe suit with a double-breasted jacket.


The tuxedo is a formal suit that is worn for weddings and special events. A tuxedo jacket is a black jacket, generally without any venting. This jacket has a silk-faced lapel and is usually a single-breasted cut. Having a black tux handy is a must when you need to look extra sharp!

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