Winter is here! That means it is time to bring all your favourite winter clothes out of the closet and create warm, cosy, and stylish looks. You can also add a few more options to your collection. If you don’t already own a puffer jacket, consider buying one. This particular type of winter jacket has been in the trend for a long time, for all the right reasons!

Men’s fashion has taken a new turn, whereby they are willing to state their views through their dress codes with outer layers that assure them they have the right taste and style. With a puffer jacket for men, you can feel comfortable even on the coldest nights without compromising on the style. Without any further ado, go ahead and buy your perfect winter companion. Here are some tips on choosing the ideal puffer jacket for you.

Tips to Pick the Best Puffer Jacket

When shopping for a puffer jacket for men, remember the following tips to ensure the much-needed combination of comfort and fashion!

●     Insulation of the Jacket

Everyone wants warmth on winter nights. Hence, insulation becomes a key factor! A puffer jacket for men can be made from natural or synthetic feathers. Synthetic features are engineered with polyester, giving you the perfect warmth in winter. Also, it is quicker to dry and retain heat even when wet, making them perfect for mildly cold weather and during rain or snowfall.

●     Fill Power

You may see a puffer jacket for men with fill power ranging between 450 to 900. First, understand that a jacket’s fill power is decided by the volume of the feathers it occupies. The more feather there is, the higher the amount of trapped air, resulting in better insulation and warmth. You don’t need a fill power of 900 unless you are exploring the North Pole, but try to stay somewhere between 500 and 800.

●     Weight

Fill power explains the quality you should look for in a puffer jacket for men; the weight, on the contrary, is the amount of feather. A greater fill weight will give you a warmer jacket appropriate for extreme cold weather. However, a lightweight jacket is preferable when travelling and carrying luggage as it is more compressible. Nowadays, some jackets do offer a good balance between warmth and weight. They will keep you warm in extreme weather while not adding much to your luggage. 

●     Stitching

Expectedly, a good deal of stitching goes into making the puffs with insulation layers in a puffer jacket for men. Vertically and horizontally stitched jackets are common sides and classic options. But more voguish designs are available in the market. The different geometric designs are examples of the same. They can give you a unique look and a more fitted look. Consider the latter when you are going for a slim fit.

●     Water-Resistance Material

When there’s a chance of rain or snowfall, you would wish nothing more than to stay warm and dry. That is why picking a puffer jacket with a water-resistant shell for men is necessary. You will not face such issues with puffer jackets made from synthetic feathers; natural feathers need more care. If the jacket gets wet, the feathers will form lumps and might not regain the same loft as earlier. Getting a waterproof or resistant coat is highly recommended to ensure durability.

●     Overall Style

Once the technical aspects are sorted, you can focus on picking a jacket that fits your figure and style like a twin. Go for a jacket in a single solid colour for a classy look, or buy one with two or three colours. Darker shades of blue-black give a chic look, while bright hues of yellow and red create a fun, playful vibe. The colour is a personal preference, but consider its caring part. Lights shades will be more difficult to maintain.

A puffer long enough to keep your legs warm sounds great. But you can pick a waist-length jacket if that suits your outfit better.

A hood protects your head and ears against the icy cold breeze. But it interferes with a sleek look. Consider the occasion and your desired appearance with or without a hood.

Puffer jackets are generally full-sleeved, but you will also find sleeveless, vest-style jackets. You can choose per your style preference. However, keep the weather and your overall attire in mind. In extremely cold weather, sleeved jackets are a better option. You can still opt for a vest, given you are wearing it over multiple layers to keep warm. On the contrary, a vest is ideal in low to moderate-cold weather.

●     Additional Features to Look Forward to!

Most puffer jackets come with zippers. See if a flap covers the zipper, as it will prevent it from getting wet or exposed to snow. Also, ensure the zippers can be closed properly, not letting any cold air in. Full zip closures with a chin guard can ensure protection.

Front pockets are must-haves so you can snuggle your hands and keep warm. Adjustable cuffs and drawstrings to cuddle the hood around your face are also great features.

Tips to Take Care of Your Puffer Jacket

Once you have bought a puffer jacket, enjoy styling it differently. Don’t forget to take good care of it. Here are some tips for that!

  • When washing or ironing, make sure the jacket is inside out.
  • Use mild detergent.
  • Close all fastenings.


As you read about all the important factors to consider when shopping for puffer jackets, you can divide your research into two parts. Start by thinking about the weather conditions. Your surroundings can range from mild cold to extreme cold. There could be snow or frequent rain. These conditions will confirm what kind of fill power and water resistance you need in the jacket. Then, you can focus on your personal style statement.

Once you have your checklist for a puffer jacket for men ready, get the best quality jackets at the best price. Happy shopping!

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