A guide to men’s jeans – an essential part of every man’s wardrobe. From straight leg to baggy jeans, this guide covers the key styles of today.

A Guide to Selecting the Perfect Jeans for Men
Men’s Denim: A Guide to Selecting the Perfect Jeans for Men.

The best way to find jeans that fit your lifestyle (and budget) is to experiment with several cuts, brands, and washes. Many companies market different styles of denim to fit both contemporary/fashion-conscious customers as well as those who require no-nonsense, classic denim jeans. Nearly every style of men’s jeans are available from mass-market labels offering modern-day fashion at a price affordable to most.

Denim Fits

Today’s prestigious denim labels develop their signature jeans based on the original fits below. Many still feature the 5-pocket styling first developed by Levis.

  • Men’s Straight leg: The most classic style, featuring a moderately slim cut, “regular” (not too high or low) rise, and reinforced tapered ankle. The straight leg is a safe bet when picking out men’s jeans as they tend to be with just about everything.
  • Men’s Relaxed Fit: This fit is looser throughout the thigh with a similar rise. Generally tapered at the ankle.
  • Men’s Boot Cut: Men’s boot-cut jeans often flare slightly down the entire length of the leg. Originally derived from 70s flares, this style is extremely popular in today’s world of Men’s fashion.
  • Men’s Carpenter Jeans: A very loose-fitting, softer jeans with lots of pockets, extra-wide belt loops, and trademark hammer loop, even on designer styles. Typically found in denim, twill, or cotton canvas.
  • Men’s Baggy Jeans: Stylish and comfortable, baggy jeans look great with a t-shirt and some trendy sneakers, offering a relaxed, urban look for men of all ages.
  • Men’s Skinny Jeans: These rocker-style denims feature an ultra-thin “stovepipe” leg and lower rise.

Washes: Selecting the Perfect Color

Without question, blue is the most common color for men’s jeans. If you’re confused by the array of blue jeans around, try opting for darker colors as they go easily with colored shirts, jumpers, and the vast majority of shoes. For a more professional look, try pairing dark denim with a button-down shirt and a nice blazer.

It doesn’t hurt to have a pair of moderately faded blue jeans for casual wear, while younger men may opt for some eye-catching red jeans to stand out from the crowd.

How to Wear Your Jeans

Men’s jeans tend to be worn low along the waist. It’s a good idea to avoid wearing them too high as it contradicts the idea of wearing jeans – being comfortable and exhibiting a youthful look.

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