Men's Cargo Pants: A Guide to Cargos

Men’s cargo pants, or simply cargos, are one of the most popular fashion items for relaxed, casual dressing. Originally, the functional pants with the trademark oversize pockets were worn by members of the army. Whilst you don’t have to be in the army to buy a pair of ‘combats’ (the camouflage style of cargo pants), it’s now commonplace to see cargos in a wide variety of colors and shades for everyday wear.

History of Men’s Cargo Pants

Cargos originated from military combat clothing. The oversized pockets, pulled-in bottom seams, and relaxed fit make these pants a functional item of clothing that is suited to the tasks undertaken by personnel in the defense forces. Cargo pants have taken these style elements and incorporated them into casual pants that are just as functional and can be super stylish. Men’s cargo pants are comfortable, and the relaxed fit makes them a popular choice for casual wear, particularly during the summer months.

Colors of Men’s Cargos

Harking back to their military origins, the general trend in cargos leans toward earthy tones and classic colors. Popular colors for men’s cargo pants include olive green, navy, beige, and brown. These colors are great for casual dressing and lend themselves well to the casual style of cargo pants. Whilst most people will stick with these classic shades, and the option to wear full camouflage style pants is still there.

When choosing a color, the easiest way to pick one is to consider when and where you want to wear the cargo. Men’s cargo pants in navy and beige can be worn with a shirt for a smart casual look, or you might wish to find a pair that are more informal and team them with a simple t-shirt for a relaxed style. Men’s cargos have a lot of detailing in style elements, such as the oversized pockets, so it pays to stick with something simple, and this is one of the reasons why choosing classic colors can work best with these pants.

Men’s Cargo Shorts

Another popular variation on men’s cargo pants is cargo pants as shorts. These styles of cargo generally finish below the knee, and the pockets will usually sit slightly higher than with regular cargo pants. Cargo shorts are often a must in summer, so these are ideal if you are looking for some laid-back style that can work as everyday wear or be dressed up for a smart casual look.

When you are looking for a pair of pants that are versatile and casual, men’s cargo pants are a great option. You can dress them up or down with a shirt for a smart casual look or a simple t-shirt for a relaxed, casual outfit. There’s a lot of variety with cargos, and the selection of colors means you’ll find a number of ways to work these in with what you already have in your wardrobe.

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