How To Wear a Tuxedo Properly
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When was the last time you wore a tuxedo? In fact, when was the last time you dressed up properly to go out?

Getting dressed up, especially as a man, is important. It’s a chance to make a positive statement that you’re excited, looking your best, and showing off your best features. It’s also a way to show respect for someone else in an elegant manner. There are many reasons why you should take the time to invest in an impressive and well-fitting piece so that you look and feel the part when you wear that tuxedo or suit.

It is definitely worth it, provided you follow these helpful hints on keeping yourself looking smart and classy for when you break out of your routine for a special event.

Get a Tuxedo That Fits Properly

This is the most crucial tip on this list because it allows you to get that polished look.

Getting the sizing right is a great start – make sure the suit allows enough room to be comfortable but not so much that it is baggy and hangs off your frame. A proper fit is something you definitely need when selecting a tuxedo or suit.

To further improve the fit of your suit, go to a tailor and request that they take your measurements so that they can alter your piece to suit you perfectly.

Having a tailor make you a custom suit from scratch is always the best option if you are looking for the perfect suit for you, but this inevitably comes with a higher price tag. However, if you are looking for a more affordable option, also offers a platform for tuxedo rentals, allowing you to find a stylish tuxedo for your special occasions without the full custom-made price.

Accessorize with Nice Jewelry

Most men don’t think much about jewelry, but it really should be regarded as a great way to finish off your look and bring the outfit together properly.

Pop on a classic silver ring from, and match it with silver cufflinks and a silver watch.

Accessories should be matching and of good quality in order to complete your overall look.

Get a Good Haircut

Unless you trust your barber, this should be done a few days before the event so that you have time to let it grow out if necessary. What you don’t want is an awkward style choice where the hair looks out of place with what you’re wearing. Pick a cut that really complements your outfit and gives you a well-groomed look. This is an obvious tip, but it’s important nonetheless. The experience of wearing a tuxedo is one that requires full effort, from the hairs on your head to the shoes on your feet.

Stay Clean

Good grooming helps to enhance your look and makes you feel much better about yourself.

Have a shower or pick up some nice cologne for the occasion. Your scent is one of the things that helps to make you feel great.

Wear a Nice Tie

Going without a tie is easy, but it can be very limiting in terms of style when it comes to more formal occasions. Make sure you pick your tie so that you are wearing something that really complements your tuxedo.

Get Some Nice Shoes

A key part of dressing up is to wear nice shoes because they are a crucial part of the outfit.

You don’t have to go overboard, but some black leather oxfords should be in your closet for the occasional formal event.

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