If you have been wondering how to wear a linen suit without looking too casual, let us help you find the perfect accessories, shirt, and shoes to compliment your look. Linen suits are timeless and sophisticated. It is a lightweight porous fabric more suitable for summer. The fabric is more casual than your average cotton or wool suit, however, with proper accessories, it can be styled for formal and semi-formal occasions.

Linen suits can be ideal for summer weddings, social gatherings, brunches, day parties, and office outings. There are so many right ways to wear a linen suit, however, we will focus more on a minimalistic approach. This post will explore what shoes to wear with a linen suit, what shirt to wear with a linen suit, and how to style a white linen suit. For more fashion insights and tips, you might want to check out www.needlepointnook.com.

What is a Linen Suit?

Linen is a versatile breathable fabric made from the fibers of flax plants. This fabric has been used in making suits from as early as 36,000 years ago. Due to its lightweight, linen is an ideal option for stress-free summer styling. A linen suit is either a two-piece or a three-piece suit stitched from linen fabric.

Types of a Linen Suit:

This timeless piece of breathable fabric comes in two options:

  1. A two-piece suit consisting of a jacket and a pair of matching trousers, both of which are made of linen.
  2. A three-piece linen suit containing these same garments but with an added waistcoat, which is also made of linen. For most occasions, a two-piece linen suit will suffice.

Why is Linen Suit a Popular Choice for Warm Weather Events

Unlike most of your cotton and wool suits, the fabric of your linen suit is breathable and timeless. From ancient aristocracy to current fashionable Parisians everyone loves linen as a fabric choice for summer occasions. Be that a wedding or a semi-formal day party, an office event, or a brunch you can never go around with a linen suit.

Why Wear a Linen Suit?

Linen is a lightweight fabric that prevents sweating. It is comfortable and stylish with a unique texture and drape.


This incredible fabric does not make you sweat the way the wool does. Because it rests more lightly upon your body, it feels cooler. Its breathability allows the air to flow easily between the fabric and your body, helping to keep your temperature down. The fabric allows the body to release heat more efficiently, instead of keeping it trapped inside the body.

Stylish look

Linen is a flexible fabric; however, a high-quality linen fabric might feel a little stiffer than your wool or cotton suit. A linen suit forms a sleek silhouette. It is usually preferred in light colors such as tan, beige, eggshell, white, brown, and more traditional grey, black and blue.

Unique texture and drape

Linen is by nature a casual material. A few wrinkles are, therefore, par with the course. Excessive wrinkling of the fabric can be avoided by getting your suit steam ironed.

How to Wear a Linen Suit

The best approach to styling your linen suit is to go minimal. There is no need to go full Jay Gatsby at a lawn party with the suit unless you are attending some grand outdoor event. Combine your lightweight suit with lightweight clothes, and light colors.

Choosing the right shoes

You can wear brown penny or tassel loafers, brogues, or boat shoes with your linen suit. Keep the colors light like tan, light brown, or even white. Occasionally you can pair it up with light-colored Sneakers for a touch of youthful trend, but stay clear of bright colors. Feel free to go sockless with the shoes.

Selecting the appropriate shirt

You can combine your linen suit with a simple crewneck T-shirt and some leather dress shoes. You can jazz your suit up with one of those printed camp-collar shirts and a pair of canvas sneakers. However, the most suitable option is the simple collared shirt in neutral colors.

Accessorizing with a pocket square, tie, or lapel pin

You can accessories your linen suit with a funky pocket square or a lapel pin of your choice. In the case of ties, you should always go for simple one-colored ties. Stay clear of bright colors.

Tips for Wearing a Linen Suit

A linen suit is a simple elegant outfit, a stylish summer affair. For a drape look it is highly recommended to keep the look as uncomplicated as possible.

Choose the right fit

Choosing the right fit for your linen suit is imperative. The best way to get a perfect fit for your linen suit is to focus on key areas such as shoulders. The seams of your jacket should perfectly fit your shoulders. Secondly, the sleeve length should end right at the top of your wrist, leaving a little room for the silver of your dress shirt underneath to peek through. Pants should brush the top of the shoes.

Choose the right color

Always choose light colors such as tan, beige, eggshell, white, brown, and more traditional grey, black and blue. A linen suit should never be worn in bright colors.

Avoid over-accessorizing

Never over-accessorize your linen suit; if you still feel like it, simply go for a simple pocket square, tie, or lapel pin.

What Shoes to Wear with a Linen Suit

Wear brown penny or tassel loafers, brogues, or boat shoes with your linen suit.

Tips for selecting the right shoes

Here are some tips on choosing the right type of shoes to go with your linen suit:

  • More formal shoes can weigh down your linen suit, therefore go for loafers or boat shoes. You can opt for sneakers as well.
  • The shoes should be worn sane socks with ankles well and out in the air.
  • Always color-coordinate your shoes with the color of your linen dress. For example, burgundy or mid-brown suede will go well with dark blue, tobacco, or olive-green suit.

What Shirt to Wear with a Linen Suit

Simple crewneck T-shirts and printed camp-collar shirts can be paired with your linen suit. However, the most suitable option is the simple collared shirt.

Tips for selecting the right shirt

Cotton or blended fabric dress shirts are ideal for a linen suit. Even though there is no hard and fast rule, it is recommended that for a sleeker look go for a linen shirt with a linen suit.

What to Wear with a White Linen Suit

The most stylish and elegant way of wearing a white linen suit is to pair it up with a white linen dress shirt. Complete the look with a trendy burgundy pair of loafers, a dark brown pocket square, or a brown tie. You can also add a light-colored (aqua green, sky blue, or egg white) dress shirt.

Linen is a fine fabric and is currently one of the most popular fashion choices. It creates the perfect silhouette and is ideal for summer occasions. For a crisp look, you should combine the suit with loafers or boat-shaped shoes. The suit should always be worn in light colors. It is recommended that you wear linen dress shirts with a linen suit, and complement it with simpler accessories such as a pocket square or lapel pin.

This summer season instead of going for your routine wool suits, go ahead and get yourself a fine linen suit and wear it with confidence for all warm weather events. Get a simple white linen suit and pair it with different t-shirts and dress shirts to create a new and sharp look every day.

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