Polo shirts are a wardrobe must for any guy and a timeless style for the summer. Compared to long-sleeved button-downs, they are a cool, lightweight, and breathable option for warm weather. Additionally, they can be readily dressed up for important events and kept casual enough for informal events.

The number of ways you can dress a polo shirt is rather surprising for such a basic item of clothing. Are you wondering how to look stylish and current in a polo shirt? Read on to discover some amazing ways to wear a polo shirt to elevate your fashion game.

Lose the Buttons

Even though polo shirts have buttons, it’s best to leave them open, unless you’re a member of a punk band. Contrary to popular belief, an open-collar polo shirt is not a style trend, but rather a general description of a shirt style that does not have any kind of collar fastening. This simple tweak transforms the shirt, stripping away any stag party vibes and leaving you with a sleek, Riviera-inspired look.

Nail the Fit

Getting the fit right is the most essential aspect of dressing stylishly in any item, including men’s polo shirts. Nothing that’s overly loose. Instead, you should go for a form-fitting outfit that complements your body shape.

Ideally, the bottom hem should fall somewhere between the hip and a few inches below the waistband or belt, but no lower than halfway down the fly or back pockets of your trousers. When it comes to sleeve length, the sleeves should fall halfway down the bicep and not extend over the middle of the upper arm.

Elevate with Tailored Pairings

Adding a polo shirt to your suit is an excellent way to liven up your work attire and can even take this daytime classic into evening wear. But there are a few details to think about when you decide to wear a polo shirt with formal trousers. To start with, stay away from garish prints or bright hues that scream “beach chic” and instead go for a solid neutral. Next, a well-structured collar is a must; a full button will do the trick. Also, don’t forget to accessorize your feet. Invest in a good-looking pair of polished leather shoes.

Embrace Colour

The arrival of warmer weather calls for nothing less than a color-blocked polo shirt, in our opinion. When the weather warms up, it’s time to get out all the bright colors in your closet, whether you’re a fan of pastels or prefer bold primary hues. However, you don’t need to try too much to match the colors. If wearing one solid color from head to toe seems like too much, try mixing and matching bright and black. This balanced approach provides a refreshing background for vibrant contrasts to flourish, all while ensuring you stay comfortably within your style zone.

Try Terry Towelling

Terry towelling polo shirts have been around for a while. As a matter of fact, it is as equally retro as braces and pork pie caps. Its enigmatic decline in popularity since its peak, however, has left it ripe for the taking by the emerging generation of men.

Despite its humble origins as a polo shirt-shaped towel, the design has an air of refined elegance. This means that you can appear more elegant without really making an effort.

The terry-towelling polo’s charm lies in its tendency for understatement. Dressing for the holidays doesn’t have to be a whole challenge when you pair a pastel pink pattern with block-colored shorts (white or blue would work) and leather shoes.


Now that you have discovered how to rock a polo shirt with flair, remember that putting in the effort is key when it comes to styling any garment. It’s all about having the discerning eye to pair the right outerwear with each piece. With this instinct, you can effortlessly elevate even the most understated outerwear to extraordinary heights.

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