Did you know that men care about their looks just as much as women? And if that’s not surprising, men generally spend more money per year than women.

How to Dress Classy: 5 Simple Tips for Men

You’d think that women spend more money on clothes, but men around ages 45-54 spend more money than men ages 35-44. A single man spends more money than a single woman.

The ratio of women spending on clothes still outweighs men, though. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean men don’t like to be fashionable. Fashion tips can apply to them, too.

And if we’re talking about fashion tips for men, how about some tips to rock your style? Keep reading on how to dress classy right now.

1. Reduce in Size

The biggest mistake a man makes is when he wears clothes that don’t flatter his physique. Let’s think back to the time you wore an oversized hoodie or a slightly bigger suit.

You either had longer sleeves, a wider shirt, or long pants. One of the mistakes short men make is when they wear long pants. This can be fixed if men size down a notch.

2. Try Wearing Fewer Colors

It’s never bad to go for a vibrant look, as long as you wear colors that compliment you. But, there are men who pretty much wear any bright colors he can think of if he can’t find anything else to wear.

Too many bright colors are distracting and are not a good look. Instead of wearing bright, saturated colors, consider wearing neutral colors. It’ll make your closet look decent, to say the least.

But, don’t stick to one color either! Try to wear complementary clothes if you plan to match. Research color schemes to give you some ideas on what outfits to choose from.

3. Less Patterns

If you’re starting out on the fitting patterns to your style, it’s best to pick patterns that complement each other, starting with grey and blue.

Keep the patterns solid and neutral and to a minimum. For example, a navy gingham shirt has navy and white only, so it feels like wearing only a solid navy shirt.

Lots of exploration when it comes to patterns! Feeling doubtful and uncertain? Have no fear. Stick to solid colors until you can find styles you like. No rush.

4. Seek a Tailor

Upgrading your style doesn’t mean you should throw your old clothes away. Instead, look for a tailor so they can fix your oversize shirts and pants.

This saves you time and money from having to buy extra clothes. And if you’re looking for places to start, check out our page to offer ideas and the latest articles to explore.

5. Buy Shoes and Add Accessories

Start ditching on running shoes and start wearing some white leather sneakers. Better yet, some brown leather chukka boots. How about some mocs?

You can wear anything that’s not athletic shoes. If you bother enough to wear a fancy watch then you can bother to wear some classy shoes.

Let your shoes do the talking as you make your way around the pavement. In fact, you can even add a pair of spectacles if you’d like. Talk about getting aesthetic over here!

6. White Bow Ties for Men

A white bow tie is a great way to add some color to your outfit. It’s perfect for summer weddings and other formal events.

Remember, you should never wear a bow tie as your primary neckwear as it can cause you to look like a waiter.

If you want to add some color and flair with your tie, try wearing a patterned silk or cotton fabric through the middle of your tie so that it stands out. This is especially good if you are going to be wearing something striking, like a bright red dress.

Men’s Fashion Tips: How to Dress Classy

Learning how to dress classy is as simple as changing a new pair of shirts. No more baggy clothes and no more wearing running shoes.

Start adding accessories to complete your look. Plus, wearing classy clothes provide benefits by increasing self-esteem.

You can wind up impressing your friends and feeling confident with simple changes! Are you ready to learn more about how to get stylish?

Check out more on our blogs for more interesting stylish tips today!

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