Fall is a time of transition. Leaves change from green to yellow. Birds fly south for the winter. Farms harvest their crop. And your wardrobe starts the transition from shorts and tees to pants, long sleeves, and jackets. But, if you’ve ever wondered what styles you need to dress your best during the fall, this is the perfect guide for you.

The truth is, there are certain essentials you’ll want in your closet as the seasons change, from fall-ready golf polos to flannels and joggers that feel right at home in a corn maze. Whether you’re getting ready for a day at the office or a family trip to the pumpkin patch, here are the wardrobe staples you need to look good and feel your best this fall.

Warm and Comfy Button-Up Flannels

It’s never really fall until you put on your first flannel of the season. Flannels just feel like fall. Ultra-soft material. A cozy, warm design that feels like a hug and a cup of hot cider all wrapped up in one. 

The best flannels feel light on your shoulders while also providing the warmth you’re looking for as chilly breezes become more common. This style is sure to be one of your fall staples, so don’t be afraid to stock up. Get a few different colors. They look great buttoned up or left open for a more casual vibe with your favorite t-shirt underneath.

You’ll look stylish and feel like you’re ready for anything the season will throw your way.

Long Sleeve Dress Shirts for Work or Home

Say so long to short sleeves and hello to long sleeve dress shirts. It’s a simple change but an essential one for your fall wardrobe. 

A long-sleeve collared shirt is the foundation of so many different fall outfits. You could be at work, on a date with your significant other, or preparing a holiday meal, and it’ll look great in every situation. Look for a long sleeve dress shirt that isn’t too stuffy. It should feel comfortable and light, so you want to wear it all day. Search for a design that feels like your favorite athletic shirt but looks stylish enough to wear to an autumn wedding.

As far as colors go, you want your first few long sleeves to be relatively neutral. Whites, grays, and blacks help establish the right starting point for all your layered looks. Once you have that as a foundation, you can branch out with more vibrant colors and patterns.

Long Sleeve Dress Shirts for Work or Home

Blazers You Can Dress Up or Down

During the summer, a blazer might have felt like one too many layers. But, in the fall, it’s the perfect way to round out your favorite outfits.

The best blazers for fall are ones you can dress up or down. They’re versatile and look just as good in an important client meeting as they do for an afternoon at your local harvest festival.

Look for a navy blue blazer that’s lightweight and easy to style. Navy blue is one of the easiest colors to style, making it simple to build a layered outfit that shows off your new blazer. It should be breathable, so you don’t get too hot during warm afternoons. Plus, if it’s also made with a soft, two-way stretch material, you’ll never want to take it off.

Pullovers That Bring Style and Functionality

When it comes to staying warm and wearing layers, pullovers are a staple of fall style. They’re easy to pull on and take off, so your outfit has the versatility to keep you ready for any scenario. Plus, the best pullovers are made from an athletic material that feels just as good on the golf course as it does in the office.

Search for a pullover that provides midweight warmth without sacrificing breathability and effective moisture-wicking so you don’t get too hot. It should also be wrinkle-resistant. That way, you always look sharp.

You can layer a pullover with a t-shirt, button-up, or golf polo. Plus, they serve as a great middle layer when you want to add a jacket or vest. They’re the key to unlocking fall styles that can take you anywhere and everywhere.

Pullovers That Bring Style and Functionality

Stylish and Warm Layering Vests

A vest is a quintessential fall piece. Put one on, and you’re ready to grab a pumpkin spice latte and browse the farmers market with your family. Or, if you layer it over one of your favorite golf polos or a button-up, it creates a business casual work look. 

A good fall vest should be midweight—not too heavy, but not too light either. A nylon quilted vest with a fleece lining keeps you warm and protected from the elements with just the right amount of warmth. Bonus points if it’s water resistant.

Fall-Ready Golf Polos

You did plenty of golfing through the summer, but just because the sun is setting earlier doesn’t mean you have to pack your clubs away for the season. With some fall-ready golf polos, you’ll be back on the course in comfort and style.

What does fall-ready mean? It means polos that are quick drying so you can shrug off a brief fall drizzle on the third hole. They’re stretchy and breathable enough that you can layer them with vests, pullovers, and base layers. And, most importantly, they’re fall patterns and colors. Think darker hues that look right at home among the season’s oranges, yellows, and browns.

Fall Chinos

Chinos are a year-round staple. But there are certain colors that just make sense surrounded by fall foliage and holiday decorations. Start with a classic color, like khaki. Khaki chinos are the perfect combination of casual and professional, so you can practically wear them anywhere.

Then, start thinking outside the box with olive chinos. A toned-down olive green helps you break out of the routine of choosing the same colors again and again, and it’s the perfect complement for any fall style. It turns your chinos into the statement piece of your outfit.

Finally, finish off your essential chino collection with a charcoal gray pair. They are a little more professional than khaki, especially when paired with a short sleeve dress shirt or a blazer. But they are versatile enough to match every fall vibe. 

Neutral, Outfit-Making Joggers

For a more casual fall fit, joggers are a great choice. They add a laid-back but active vibe to your style while still helping you show off your personality. 

The essential colorways for your joggers are going to be neutral colors that go with pretty much everything. Gray or black joggers bring any outfit together. They may not be the centerpiece of your look, but without them, you’d be lost in a straw maze of your wardrobe. They’re the secret ingredient to an effortless style that just seems to come together effortlessly. That’s why joggers are a must-add to your list of fall essentials.

While there’s so much more you can add to your fall wardrobe, these essentials are an excellent starting point. You’ll have enough variety to build a solid rotation of outfits that can take you from a haunted house to Sunday brunch with the same stellar look.

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