The concept of style is subjective, as it is an expression of who you are. Because it is so personal, men need to make sure that they have the right staple pieces in their wardrobes.

While it may not be possible to have too many options in your closet, below are some essential items that should be found in every guy’s wardrobe.

1. Suit and Slacks

Every man should have a well-fitted suit. It can be used for a variety of events, such as weddings, fancy dinners, and work. They are also perfect for business careers where dressing professionally is a must. Slacks are also an essential item, as they can be used for every suit that you own if they don’t already come together.

2. Solid Color Necktie

While most suits are made to blend in with one another, a tie can add a little more to your look. In the competitive world of business, ties are important. They can help draw attention to your face and influence others. Men should have at least two ties, preferably simple and classic designs.

3. Blazer or Sports Jacket

Sports jackets and blazers are both versatile and can help enhance a man’s physique. They can make your shoulders, chest, and hands look bigger. You should stick to the four most versatile colors, which are blue, brown, gray, and green. These are the colors that you can wear based on the pants you prefer.

4. Dress Shirts

A few dress shirts in white or blues are all you need. They can be paired with a regular business collar. If your face shape isn’t typical, you can try out different collar types. Round faces tend to go with longer, more prominent collar types, while those with thin faces wear smaller ones.

5. Casual Shirts

Casual shirts are another staple to have in your closet. Consider choosing made in USA workwear for casual options that are quality and will last. These should be simple in color and pattern. A good example of this is a polo shirt. Another alternative for casual wear is an Oxford shirt, which is a close relative of polo shirts. Some men think this is more appropriate for business attire.

If you’re looking for something a bit more adventurous, you might want to consider a patterned shirt. However, before you start thinking about buying this type of garment, make sure that it’s in a neutral color so it can easily blend with other clothes.

6. Well-Fitted Jeans

Modern men’s styles are far beyond James Bond-type suits and office ties. One of the most important components of a man’s wardrobe is his jeans. You should have at least one pair of dark-colored jeans at all times. They should not be saggy or baggy.

7. Dress Watch

While we carry our smartphones with us all of the time, men still need a dress watch. A watch is a way of showing class and responsibility, similar to the way men on TV typically look at their wrists while leading busy lives. Although you probably don’t wear a watch that often, it can still be a highlight of your look.

8. Dress Belts

A belt is important for any outfit, as it can help complete a man’s look even when he’s wearing his shirt untucked out. A set of interchangeable belts and buckle sets is a good investment, as they can help you easily swap between different outfits. Buckles should be proportional to your body.

9. Dress Shoes

A pair of dress shoes is important for completing any outfit. Contrary to popular belief, people pay more attention to shoes than they do almost anything else. Oxfords and Balmorals are the most popular types of dress shoes, and most men should own a black and brown pair.

10. Dress Boots

Every man needs a good pair of boots to protect himself from the elements, especially when walking through puddles, snow, or ice. These types of boots are made from leather and have rubber soles, which provide better traction. You’ll want to choose a pair of brown or black boots, as these styles have various style variations.


Every man needs to be prepared for what the next day brings. Having these staple clothing items in the closet is a must and will help you dress for any event. The right outfit can make a difference in how the world views you. Prepare your closet so you can feel confident in any situation.

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