If you are a Yellowstone TV series fan, you would love to know about all the jackets from this show. Apart from the fantastic storyline and great casting, one thing you will love the most is the jackets in this show. The Yellowstone series is about a member of a famous ranch known as the Dutton family ranch. The main character of this show is John Dutton. John Dutton is the owner of the Dutton family ranch and the head of his family. All the characters, including John Dutton, are pretty interesting in this show.

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Yellowstone show story revolves around this ranch and the ranch owners as well. The genre of this show is action and drama. You get to see various problems regarding this ranch and the neighboring ranches shown in this show. You will also get to know a lot of family drama within the family. This ranch, owned by the Dutton family, is the largest ranch in Montana, so you will see strong family dynamics in this show. All the characters are pretty impressive, and this show’s cast is also good.

John Dutton Wardrobe

The entire cast’s wardrobe is quite interesting in the show, but you see that John Dutton Jacket are the strongest. You get to see him wearing various jackets throughout the show, and all these jackets are not only good for the purchase fashion-wise, but they are best in the sense of comfort and practicality as well. You will see John Dutton wearing many different types of leather jackets as well as easy but these jackets from other places. If you are not looking to buy original leather, you can wear a faux one. From head to toe, John Dutton, a ranch head, is always dressed in good clothes and accessories.

John Dutton Jackets

 Suppose you are looking for one specific jacket regarding Yellowstone’s character, John Dutton. In that case, you need to widen your search because you will be able to see many different types of jackets throughout the show. All these jackets are the best in quality and very comfortable. Even though all jackets are essential regarding John Dutton’s outfit, this leather jacket did steal the show.

About John Dutton's Jacket

John Dutton Yellowstone Brown Leather Jacket

This jacket is one of the most popular ones of John Dutton’s jackets. Where you want to dress as John Dutton for a costume party, this jacket is something people would expect you to wear. It is not only for the fancy costume party, but you can also wear this jacket for everyday use. This jacket is the best one when it comes to practicality and comfort as well. Following are all the very important features of this jacket that you need to learn.

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Material used

The material of the jacket matters a lot. The material is something that determines the durability and comfort of a jacket. This jacket is made up of different types of material. This jacket is made up of 100% original leather. Genuine leather is quite durable. Even though it can be a bit expensive, it is worth the price. You will also be able to stay warm in this material. The inner lining of this jacket is made up of viscose. Viscose is quite comfortable and will add more warmth to the jacket as another layer. On the collar of this jacket, you will see fur as well. This fur helps you keep yourself warm too. You can also go for faux leather if you are a vegan. Faux leather might not last that long, though.


This jacket is stitched in a way that makes it durable. This jacket has double stitching for the very same reason. There are two outer pockets and two inner pockets on this jacket. These pockets are spacious, and that makes them very practical as well. You get a buttoned closure on the front of this jacket as well. All the buttons are metal and very firmly stitched on the jacket. The way this jacket is stitched, it will remain intact for a very long period. Make sure you buy this jacket at a good pace so that you get all the good features regarding this jacket.


From the price point, this jacket is very reasonable. The prices can vary a bit from site to site. Based on the material used, the higher rates are understandable if it is pure leather, whereas faux leather is cheap. But if you are looking for something that you can keep for a longer-term, you should go for the genuine leather jacket.


This was all you needed to learn about this John Dutton jacket before you purchased it. You should make sure to get it in good material to get the durability of this jacket as well.


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