With wedding season in the air, it’s normal to think about what you should wear if you receive an invitation to such an event. Those who wear dresses usually have lots of options to play with, but what about men’s fashion options for attending a wedding? Today, we want to go over some of the common wedding types and what styles, colors, and patterns may be best for each one.

Black-Tie Affairs

Since most people view weddings as very formal affairs, black tie is one of the most popular dress codes. When it comes to these extravagantly formal events, your options may seem slightly more limited. But thankfully, their dress codes can also be a lot easier to follow. Men typically want to wear a black suit and matching tie. The classic black tuxedo is the king for a reason, and it’s never a poor choice at a formal event.

Formal Daytime Weddings

For a wedding that falls under a formal but lighter daytime spectrum, a stately three-piece suit with a muted color palette, such as gray or navy, works exceptionally well. The daytime setting allows you to project class without the restrictiveness of black-tie attire. We recommend choosing a pattern like a subtle pinstripe or a check to add a touch of personality. Accompany your suit with a complementary colored necktie or a patterned bowtie, and ensure that your shirt is light in color. A pastel blue or pink can work well.

Semi-Formal and Beach Weddings

Men’s fashion options for attending a wedding become more open depending on the event’s formality. The ambiguous dress code often associated with semi-formal or beach weddings presents a liberating opportunity. Here, a two-piece suit is optional, with separates like slacks and sports coats becoming suitable alternatives.

Lighter linen or seersucker fabrics are not just practical but exude a relaxed, summery charm. A crisp, long-sleeved shirt, whether worn with a tie or left open at the collar, and a pair of leather loafers or dressy sandals will ensure you look dapper without overdressing.

Casual Weddings and Creative Dress Codes

A rising trend in wedding themes is that they’re veering more toward personalized or even casual celebrations. If a couple chooses to relax their dress code or supplies a more creative direction, you can go with something a bit more casual but still respectful.

A well-fitted pair of slacks or dressy jeans in a dark wash, paired with a smart, structured blazer or sports coat, allows a balance of formal and casual. You can play with texture here, with knitwear as a stellar option for layering. Your choice of footwear, such as polished brogues or minimalist sneakers, can add the finishing touch to your fashionable, genre-bending attire.

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