The teamwork between fashion models Kristina Menissov and Joanna Borov embodies a celebration of diversity and beauty in contrast.  Collaborating on multiple campaigns, including their previous work for Drunk Elephant, highlights their versatility and appeal across different brands and aesthetics. Their ability to complement each other’s unique beauty types adds depth and richness to the campaigns they participate in, resonating with diverse audiences. The photographs exude a remarkable blend of sophistication and high-fashion elegance, yet they may also convey a sense of provocation. Cavalli’s designs are characterized by their animalistic, feminine, and alluring aesthetic.

Arrange Moi Style is a luxury boutique that sells Roberto Cavalli’s designs.

This exceptional campaign captures the essence and atmosphere of the boutique perfectly.

Arrange Moi x Roberto Cavalli
Empowering Women through Fashion

Models: Joanna Borov, Kristina Menissov

Photographer: Alina Lavrova

Hair and makeup: Reyna Khalil, Lia Yamaguchi

Styling: Anna Gupta, Lori Dorbin

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