A memory shirt pillow is a really thoughtful gift. It’s a pillow made from a loved one’s clothing – usually someone who has passed away – to help preserve their memory. I think these special keepsake pillows are a beautiful way to honor someone you’ve lost.

In my research, I found you can use all kinds of clothing to make the pillows – shirts, sweaters, pants, dresses, blankets, etc. Natural fabrics like cotton, flannel, fleece or knits seem to work best. Very delicate materials don’t hold up as well over time.

To make the pillow, you can leave buttons or collars on dress shirts to make an opening for the pillow form. I like that you can customize it by embroidering special words or designs on the fabric. Adding a poem, dates, or even their signature can make it even more meaningful, although some places charge extra for customization.

I think memory shirt pillows are a really thoughtful gift idea. Making something so special from an everyday item like a shirt or blanket can be incredibly comforting. It’s a personal way to always remember someone you cared about.

The 8 Best Memory Shirt Pillow Ideas

In my experience, the most heartfelt memory pillows are ones made from a loved one’s favorite old t-shirt or sweater. Turning meaningful clothing into a cozy keepsake just feels special. You can customize it with embroidered messages, fabric patches, or decorative embellishments to capture memories and their spirit.

Whenever I see someone hugging a memory pillow made from their grandpa’s shirt or child’s baby blanket, I’m always struck by the love inside. It’s such a personal, thoughtful way for family and friends to cherish someone forever. Those pillows are gentle reminders of precious moments that never really leave us.

Heartfelt Comfort: Memory Shirt Pillows That Embrace You with Love

Handmade memory pillows crafted from button-up shirts with heartfelt messages

Transform cherished garments into cozy keepsakes with these memory shirt pillows. Each cushion, crafted from a beloved shirt, carries the comforting essence of a loved one.

The heart-shaped messages remind you of their warmth and presence, offering a hug in pillow form. Whether nestled on your couch or perched on your bed, these pillows create a personal touch in your home decor, turning memories into daily reminders of love. Perfect for those who seek a tangible piece of the past to hold onto.

Nostalgic Charm: Custom Memory Shirt Pillow for a Personal Touch

Custom memory pillow made from a blue work shirt with embroidered details.

Bring a piece of your heart into your home with this custom memory shirt pillow. Tailored from a cherished shirt, it carries more than just comfort—it tells a story.

The familiar buttons, the pocket, and the embroidered name ‘Buddy’ are not just details, they’re memories stitched into a pillow that offers more than just a place to rest your head.

This isn’t just a pillow; it’s a keepsake that keeps someone’s spirit alive in the most comforting way. Perfect for those who treasure the past and want to keep it close, every day.

Hug in a Pillow: Keepsake Shirt Cushion with a Father’s Love

Plaid shirt memory pillow with loving message from Dad sewn into the fabric.

This memory shirt pillow is not only a splash of color for your sofa but also a heartfelt message from a father woven into comfort. The bright plaid pattern adds a cheerful vibe, while the loving note embroidered on the patch says, “I am always with you, when you are missing me, just give me a hug. Love Dad.”

It’s the perfect blend of everyday coziness and eternal affection. Ideal for those seeking solace in the physical absence of a loved one or for anyone who appreciates a daily reminder of a parent’s love.

Grandpa’s Embrace: Memory Shirt Pillows with a Loving Message

Assorted memory pillows made from grandpa's shirts with sentimental notes.

These memory shirt pillows offer more than comfort; they bring Grandpa’s presence into your home. Made from his well-loved shirts, each pillow features a patch with a heartfelt message, “This is a shirt I used to wear whenever you hold it know that I am there. Love GRANDPA.” It’s a cozy, tangible connection to cherished moments past, providing solace and a sense of closeness. Perfect for those who cherish their grandfather’s memory and seek a daily reminder of his love and legacy.

Seaside Sentiments: Heart-Shaped Memory Pillow with a Personal Touch

Heart-shaped pillow with patch saying 'My heart is always with you' by the sea.

Nestled against a tranquil seaside backdrop, this heart-shaped memory pillow, crafted from a treasured plaid shirt, carries a poignant message from Charles: “My heart is always with you!” It’s a comforting keepsake for anyone who holds dear the love and memories shared.

This pillow isn’t just a soft spot to lay your head—it’s a reminder of everlasting bonds and the whispers of shared laughter carried on the breeze. The perfect gift to say, “You’re always in my heart.”

Embracing Memories: Custom Shirt Pillows with Love Notes from Jerry and Dad

Custom-made memory pillows created from shirts with personal messages from Jerry and Dad.

Transform a loved one’s wardrobe into a snug sanctuary with these custom shirt pillows, each inscribed with a tender note from Jerry and Dad.

These aren’t just pillows; they’re hugs in fabric form, a cozy embrace from those who matter most. “This is a shirt I used to wear. Whenever you hold it, know that I am there,” reads the loving message, turning everyday objects into extraordinary tokens of affection.

Whether it’s a quiet moment of reflection or a joyous family gathering, these pillows add a personal and heartfelt touch to any room, reminding you that love is always close by.

Tribute in Textiles: Memory Pillow Honoring ‘Waynie’ with Timeless Love

Memorial pillow with plaid pattern and tribute message for Wayne, 1981-2022.

Celebrate the everlasting bond with a beautifully crafted memory pillow, a tribute to ‘Waynie’. Each patchwork piece tells a story of love, the timeless plaids and soothing grays offering comfort and a sense of closeness.

Emblazoned with the message, “Always Loved, Never Forgotten, Forever Missed,” and adorned with a symbolic butterfly, this pillow is a powerful emblem of remembrance and enduring affection. It’s a tender touchpoint for reflection and remembrance, perfect for anyone cherishing the legacy of a loved one.

Cozy Keepsake: The ‘Dad’s Shirt’ Memory Pillow

Red plaid shirt pillow with a loving message from Dad on a cozy sofa.

Wrap yourself in the warmth of remembrance with this striking red plaid memory pillow, lovingly repurposed from Dad’s favorite shirt. It’s more than a decorative throw; it’s a comforting hug and a whispered “I am there” from Dad every time you embrace it.

This handcrafted pillow captures the essence of a cherished presence, making it a touching addition to any space craving a dash of nostalgia and a whole lot of heart. It’s the perfect gift for anyone seeking solace or celebrating the enduring love of family.

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What is a Memory Shirt Pillow?

A memory shirt pillow is a cherished memento created from a loved one’s shirt to commemorate them after they have passed away or are far away. This guide will provide everything you need to know about memory shirt pillows, including how to make them, tips for personalization, where to buy custom ones, and how to care for them.

Memory shirt pillows are such thoughtful keepsakes. They’re pillows handmade from a loved one’s clothing, usually someone who has passed away. It’s a way to hold on to their memory.

You can use all kinds of fabrics – I’ve seen them made from t-shirts, sweaters, pants, dresses, and blankets too. Anything meaningful that belonged to your loved one. For a shirt pillow, some people keep the original buttons or collar to make an opening for the pillow from inside.

There are so many nice custom touches you can add. Some sellers will embroider special words, names, dates or designs right on the fabric. You could even add a favorite poem or their signature – though embellishments like that often cost a bit extra.

Pillow sizes and shapes vary too. I’ve seen standard bed pillow sizes, but also smaller keepsake pillows. Some sellers can even make a double-sided pillow with a hidden zipper.

I think memory shirt pillows are such a personal, heartfelt keepsake. Transforming something everyday like a shirt or blanket into a cherished reminder of someone you’ve lost just feels meaningful. It’s a unique way to always remember your loved one.

The Meaning Behind Memory Shirt Pillows

The Meaning Behind Memory Shirt Pillows
  • Memory pillows from shirts provide comfort and a way to feel close to deceased or distant loved ones. They capture the memory of their scent, warmth, and closeness.
  • They are ideal remembrance gifts for someone grieving a loss or missing a faraway family member or friend.
  • Memory shirt pillows give people a tangible reminder of their happy memories with their loved one.
  • Seeing, touching, and smelling the pillow can provide solace during difficult times of transition.

How to Make a Memory Shirt Pillow

Making a memory shirt pillow is a thoughtful DIY project. Follow these steps:

  • Choose a shirt that was special to your loved one. Consider their favorite shirt or one with nostalgic meaning.
  • Cut the shirt to your desired pillow shape and size. Common sizes range from 12″ to 20″.
  • Sew the edges with a zigzag stitch to prevent fraying.
  • Turn the shirt inside out. Stuff firmly with a polyester fiberfill through a small 2-3” opening.
  • Hand sew the opening closed using a ladder stitch.
  • Optional: Add a zipper to allow removing and washing the pillow insert.


  • For a memory pillow with collar, leave the collar and cut around it.
  • Use pinking shears for seamless non-fraying edges.
  • Make the pillow thicker for maximum coziness.

If you’re looking to create a cherished memento to honor a departed loved one, be sure to watch this helpful YouTube tutorial on “How to Make a Memory Pillow Out of a Shirt”.

This easy-to-follow video will walk you step-by-step through the process of transforming an ordinary shirt into a cozy keepsake pillow. You’ll learn how to cut and sew the fabric, stuff the pillow form, and add any custom embellishments you want to make it meaningful.

Tips for Personalizing Your Memory Shirt Pillow

There are many creative ways to customize a memory shirt pillow:

  • Choose a shirt with a color or pattern of special meaning to your loved one.
  • Incorporate shirts from multiple loved ones for a family pillow.
  • Sew on any patches, pins, awards, or decorations from the shirt.
  • Embroider special dates, quotes, or messages onto the pillow.
  • Add piping or lace around the edges for decoration.
  • Spritz lightly with your loved one’s favorite fragrance so their scent lingers.
  • Print a photo transfer of them onto the pillow.

Making a memory shirt pillow for someone you’ve lost can be such a meaningful way to honor them. But customizing the pillow makes it even more heartfelt and special. Here are some tips I’ve picked up for personalizing memory pillows:

You could embroider a favorite quote, nickname, or special date right on the fabric. One woman I read about stitched her grandma’s famous chocolate chip cookie recipe onto the pillow. How sweet is that?

If you have a few different clothing items, try incorporating pieces of each one. Sew on strips or patches for a quilt effect using all their favorites.

For a shirt pillow, you can keep the original buttons or collar to use as the opening. It adds a nice touch of preserving the original shirt.

Some sellers offer double-sided pillows, which lets you design the front and back differently. You could use one side for photos and another for a poem.

Hidden zippers are handy too – they allow you to change out the stuffing or wash the cover. But they usually cost a bit extra.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with combinations of fabric, lace, ribbons, or other embellishments. The pillow should reflect your loved one’s personality.

Customizing it makes it one-of-a-kind. When you put care into those personal touches, it really makes such a heartfelt gift to treasure.

Memory Shirt Pillow Prices

Based on my search on Etsy, memory shirt pillow prices really run the gamut! I saw some sellers offering basic pillows for as low as $3, while custom designs went over $200. But in general, it looks like most quality memory pillows on Etsy tend to cost between $38-64.

Of course, prices vary a lot depending on what you’re looking for. A pillow made from an old t-shirt with some simple stitching will be much cheaper than one with intricate embroidery of names, dates, and designs. Those personalized details are beautiful but can add to the cost.

And don’t forget, the listed price may not include extras like customized embroidery, shipping, or sales tax. I’d recommend messaging the seller to confirm the total for your specific pillow before purchasing.

Overall, $38-64 seems to be the average price range for a high-quality memory shirt pillow on Etsy. But the great thing about these DIY pillows is you can find options for almost every budget.

With so many creative sellers, you can get a meaningful gift without breaking the bank. But don’t be afraid to splurge either – putting thought and care into a custom design can make it extra special.

Where to Buy Custom Memory Shirt Pillows

Many sellers on Etsy and online craft shops offer custom memory pillow services if you would rather purchase than DIY.

Benefits of ordering a custom memory pillow:

  • You don’t have to sew it yourself.
  • Professional quality and durability.
  • More personalization options like photo transfers.

When ordering, look for reviews, clear policies, quality fabric, and experience making memory shirt pillows. Expect to pay $50-$100 for a custom memory pillow depending on size, materials, and personalization.

Caring for Your Memory Shirt Pillow

Follow these tips to properly care for your memory shirt pillow:

  • Spot clean stains gently with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Avoid soaking the whole pillow.
  • Use a cotton cover to protect the pillow and wash the cover regularly.
  • Store out of direct sunlight to prevent fading.
  • Reshape or fluff fiberfill stuffing if it becomes compressed.
  • Consider new stuffing every 2-3 years if pillow becomes flat.
  • Handle with care to preserve the memories.

Cleaning your cherished memory pillow might seem daunting, but a little care goes a long way. Based on my experience, the most important thing is to check what material the original shirt was made from. Different fabrics need special handling.

If your pillow has a removable cover, always take the stuffing out before washing – you can usually unzip a hidden zipper or unbutton the shirt.

To be safe, I’d recommend hand-washing the cover gently in mild detergent to preserve embroidered details or fabric. Let it fully air dry to prevent heat damage from the dryer.

If the pillow needs ironing, iron the backside only on low heat to avoid imprints on embroidered designs on the front.

Really, it comes down to handling your memory pillow gently and taking precautions based on the specific material. You want to keep it looking its best while still preserving the memories it holds. With some basic care, you can cherish and pass down these special keepsakes for years to come.


Memory shirt pillows provide ongoing comfort along with nostalgic remembrance of a loved one. Making or purchasing one of these cherished keepsakes is a unique way to celebrate someone special. Follow the tips in this guide to create a meaningful memory pillow you can treasure.

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