There are about 82 countries in the world that come with golf courses, making golf a popular sport. Like any other sport, wearing the right attire is crucial to make your playing experience optimal and comfortable. If you’re unsure what the best golf outfits are, this article has your back.

Wearing the perfect golf attire is crucial because you’ll be expected to walk on expansive golf courses and get exposed to external elements and weather conditions. This includes selecting the right golf socks for men, which are designed to provide comfort and support throughout your game, absorbing moisture and preventing blisters. When it comes to golf attire for high school and college teams, there are certain standards and guidelines that players usually follow.

Shop Team Golf offers customized golf gear tailored for high school and college teams. And if you’re joining a great event club to practice your golf skills, this means you need to stock up on a few more pairs of stylish golf outfits, including high-quality golf socks for men. For such reasons, you need to follow some guidelines on what kind of clothes are best for when you’re playing golf. It’s all about balancing style and function and ensuring that you wear the right clothes to play the sport comfortably. 

Here are the fashion do’s and don’ts for golf wear:  

  1. Do Wear Microfiber Collared Shirts  

Like collared shirts worn at work and other more formal settings, wearing collared golf shirts also enables you to look more professional and respectable. This allows you to look smart and creates a great first impression among spectators and fellow golf players. For such reasons, it’s best to forego regular T-shirts and stick to collared ones. It’s also worth noting that some clubhouses have rules, and some of them don’t allow players to wear shirts without collars.  

Aside from the rules, wearing a microfiber collared shirt is also best for comfort. Compared to other shirt fabrics and materials, a collared shirt in microfiber allows players to relax and breathe despite the harsh heat outdoors. Wearing a collared shirt can still be stylish if you know how to choose the best one.  

It’s the primary staple piece in golf wear, so choose a high-quality material and prioritize its fit for your body. Also, when going for collared shirts, be mindful of the style. Women should avoid midriffs and other styles that show off too much skin. However, sleeveless shirts may be allowed during the summer season. The key here is to go for a balance between wearing a modest but flattering collared golf shirt.  

Clubhouses come with different dress codes, so it’s important to inquire early on before you shop for your golf outfit. You should dress appropriately if you plan to visit a country club’s clubhouse and dining area.

  1. Do Wear Comfortable Bottoms  

When selecting your golf bottoms, you should consider their significance. Men can opt for golf pants and shorts, while women can choose golf skirts and shorts. When selecting comfortable bottoms, you need to prioritize the fabric once again. Go for something that’s sweat-wicking and breathable, especially because you need to walk around a lot, and you don’t want to feel uncomfortable in your pants or shorts. 

Also, choose something that doesn’t restrict your movement. As a golfer, you’ll be required to constantly move your body, so it’s important to wear bottoms that allow you to do so. As for the colors, go for neutral tones, especially if you’re playing under the sun. Light colors reflect the sunlight better, making you feel cooler than wearing darker colors.  

Men wearing pants should find the best fit and length so they can freely move around the golf course without needing to check the edges of their pants. The right length should be something that sits on the top of the shoes. As for women, the right length of the skirt should be mid-thighs or knee length. Wearing shorts underneath can also contribute to making you feel more relaxed when playing golf. You can continue to look stylish while playing this sport by wearing golf pants, shorts, and skirts, which come in a variety of styles. 

  1. Do Select The Right Accessories  

It’s okay to wear accessories when playing golf. However, it’s essential to choose the right ones. For instance, it’s paramount to wear the right golf socks that allow your feet to absorb moisture and keep you feeling comfortable all day long. You should wear socks covering your ankles but not too high above them. 

As for sun and wind protection, try wearing a cap, visor, best golf hat, or sunglasses. These protect your hair from disrupting your movement when the wind gets in the way. As for sunglasses, they will help you focus more to make a hole-in-one shot. This blocks UV ray exposure and reduces glare from sunlight. Consider the purpose of an accessory and ensure not to use unnecessary ones. There are various accessories that golfers commonly use and may transport in or with DS Club Car.

  1. Don’t Wear Jeans  

One common rule in golf is to refrain from wearing jeans. Denim can be rigid and may hinder the movement of legs and feet. You can go for khakis and golf slacks instead. The same thing goes for women; try to avoid denim fabrics. They can be too loose or too tight and uncomfortable to be worn outdoors for long hours. Golf can be played for several hours, so your bottoms must come in soft and breathable fabric.  

  1. Don’t Layer Rigid Outerwear  

Layers are necessary when you play golf during cooler seasons. Some recommended additional layers for men’s golf outerwear attires are sweaters, cardigans, vests, light jackets, and windbreakers. Ensure their material and quality. It’s important that you can still move comfortably even with these layers on. Avoid denim jackets, hoodies, fleece jackets, and sweatshirts. They’re too bulky and may leave you hindered from swinging.


This is a brief guide for golf clothing basics which are important for you to know and be familiar with before joining a golf club and practicing playing the sport. Never hesitate to call the golf club if you aren’t sure what to wear. These do’s, and don’ts might not apply to all golf clubs, but they are some of the common dress codes. Knowing such rules will make you shop for your clothes online easier.  

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