5 Exquisite Long Sleeve Dress for Winters

Winters Are Coming! And you can’t afford to look anything less than awesome in this season. To keep your legs toasty, you can try a pair of thigh-high boots or high heels but what about the dress? 

Are you also looking for such designer wear that can protect you from icy cold winds as well as provide an eye-catching appearance? If your answer is affirmative then concentrate here!! 

So Let me share with you some exquisite long sleeve dresses for the upcoming winters to make your wardrobe fashionable and super comfortable. Here we go!

1. Ribbed Turtleneck Bodycon Sweater Dress

Ribbed Turtleneck Bodycon Sweater Dress

The quality of the fabric is the first and foremost thing that we look for, but at the same time want a cut that pairs well with all the other winter essentials. A ribbed turtleneck bodycon sweater dress gives you a cozy and cute look in the frosty ambiance. The turtleneck, long sleeves, and a fitted bodice are all you need to shine in winters. Try flirty boots with this dress to get a super hot appearance in the cozy evenings. 

2. Black Soft Belted Knitted Sweater Dress

Black Soft Belted Knitted Sweater Dress

The belted designer dress which is made up of black soft knitted material can give an awesome look in the pink winters. But, you should always know when to shop for a designer clothing. It is perfect for styling seamlessly for a night date or any other special event. The material of this dress will provide you with optimum warmth without compromising on looks.

The long sleeves with elastic cuffs will make you feel confident and glamorous.

3. Floral Print Cutout Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

Floral Print Cutout Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

Floral prints are evergreen; you can try them in any session. When you carry yourself in a floral print cutout long sleeve; it will make you look event-ready in a flash!  Such dresses have a lovely feminine aesthetic as they offer a contemporary vibe when you carry them with elegance. The lightweight woven fabric and V-neckline, let’s face it, it looks crazy chic. This combination calls for an outfit that is the perfect blend of comfort and style.

4. Zebra Print Ribbed Long Sleeve High Neck Bodycon Dress

Zebra Print Ribbed Long Sleeve High Neck Bodycon Dress

When it comes to color, the combination of black and white is best for every occasion. The monochrome zebra print bodycon dress is the finest choice for the upcoming winters. The high neckline, long sleeves, and figure-hugging fit are something that you can’t ignore at any cost. When you carry it with heels and minimal accessories you will definitely get a stunning appearance. With this dress add ethenic earrings and any bold shade of lipstick for the perfect look. Want to get it right now? bellabarnett.com is your place to shop bodycons in various styles and colors.

5. Blue Abstract Print Mesh Ruched Long Sleeve Midi Shirt Dress

Blue Abstract Print Mesh Ruched Long Sleeve Midi Shirt Dress

The print mesh material and body hug fitting with long sleeves is something you can’t resist. This tempting midi shirt dress with ruched detailing is a perfect choice for any event in the winter. The thick fabric will keep away the cold winds and makes you feel cozy. Just add a bright pair of earrings in the same color to make your outfit pop.

 I am sure with these dresses you will get glances while walking down the street. If you want to stand out and dress similarly to your style, you can’t go wrong with the above-suggested options. Chose any of them according to your convenience and comfort.  

The winter outfits for women are all about coziness, comfort, and warmth. When you dress for winter and want to ensure that you are both comfortable and warm then select a dress with thick fabric. And dear ladies, do follow my one simple tip- Never compromise your comfort for looks.

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