Buzzfeed’s video showed there shouldn’t be one color of nude underwear. Here are some neutral bras for all skin tones.

“Nude” isn’t just a single color. What would be considered a nude lipstick on one person can be completely wrong on another? There are countless different skin colors with as illustrated by the skin color matching project. BuzzFeed recently released a video of black women trying on nude fashion to illustrate this point.

It may not be possible to create underwear (or foundation) to match every single skin tone on the planet, but there should definitely be more than one color of “nude” underwear and bras.

Check out nude-colored bras that work for different skin tones:

1. Lilyette Plunge Into Comfort Minimizer Bra In Golden Cocoa ($40, Bare Necessities)

This bra comes in a Champagne color for lighter skin tones and this lace-y Golden Cocoa is great for medium to darker skin tones. Girls with bigger boobs will be pleased to know the bra goes up to a 42DDD.

2. The Classic Lace Push-Up Bra In Cinnamon ($66.30, Nubian Skin)

Nubian Skin‘s tagline is “a different kind of nude” and the are four different shades catered to women of color. Bonus: They also have underwear and hosiery in different shades.

3. Chantelle Chimere Balconette Bra In Python ($103, Fig Leaves)

If you want something different than your average nude bra, this is a gorgeous option. The lace and embroidery design is so pretty you’ll want to rock the visible bra trend whenever you wear it.

4. Freya Deco Vibe Underwired Molded Plunge Bra In Mocha ($60, Fig Leaves)

This bra works for dark skin tones and it has subtle pretty details that make it interesting but still as versatile as any basic t-shirt bra.

5. Body By Victoria Secret Demi Bra In Kona Coffee ($44, Victoria’s Secret)

You don’t have to go to a specialty lingerie shop to find a bra that works with your skin tone. Victoria’s Secret has a few excellent options. This bra comes in a variety of prints and solids for everyone from pale girls to ladies with dark skin.

6. Wacoal Retro Chic Full Figure Underwire Bra In Tropical Beach ($60, Nordstrom)

If you have warmer pale skin, this Tropical Peach bra will flatter the tones in your complexion. It comes in two other neutral shades as well as classic black and white.

7. Perfect Shape T-Shirt Bra In Sweet Amaretto Marl ($39.50, Victoria’s Secret)

Everyone needs to have a decent t-shirt bra in their closet. This sleek design comes in three skin-colored options as well as stripes and pastels.

8. Wacoal Halo Lace Convertible Bra In Cappuccino ($48, Bare Necessities)

This pretty lace bra comes in three different nude shades and it is convertible. This Cappuccino color is a great nude for those with darker skin.

9. Cosabella Trenta Soft Cup Bra In Nude ($68.50, Nordstrom)

Do you hate molded bras with underwires? Here is a comfortable option for you. It comes in five skin-colored shades so everyone can go wire-free.

10. Chantelle Hedona Seamless Underwire Bra In Brown Tribal Print ($70, Nordstrom)

This is another fancier but still a wearable option. It comes in this darker shade, black, and a lighter neutral.

11. Calvin Klein Seductive Comfort Customized Lift Bra In Dune ($33, Nordstrom)

This bra comes in hard-to-find sizes (hello 30C!) and two different nudes that would work great on medium-tone skin.

This awesome company is making nude bras for people of all skin tones

TruNude company is making nude bras for people of all skin tones

In the grand tradition of “nude” colors of clothing or pantyhose, etc., there has always been an undeniable amount of racism, since “nude” colors almost always mean “very light skin” as the default color. Thankfully, there’s an awesome company that is making nude bras for people of all skin tones.

The extension of “nude” shades is as far-reaching as Ace bandages and band-aids in general, so if you’re any darker than that and want to get a “nude” shade, you’re left feeling like your nude isn’t the “right” nude, which is bullshit. Fortunately, companies like Nubian Skin and popular lingerie brand Naja have started producing “nude” bras for people of more varied skin tones. The newest company to join those ranks is TruNude, which uses your selfies and your measurements to produce a custom nude bra that’s designed to be as close to your skin tone as possible.

Founder Danai Pointer said she came up with the idea for the company after she went looking for a nude bra but wasn’t able to find one that matched her skin tone, so she decided to try and fix that for herself and for other people.

So how does this next-level system work? Well, first you’d download the TruNude app (which, FYI, isn’t set to launch until May 2017, so be patient), take a photo of your skin in the best light possible, and then the app will generate a color code for you that most closely matches your skin tone. From there, you also input your exact measurements, and the app starts working to create your nude bra. And if you’re worried that these bras only come from an A-C cup, worry not. Pointer says the bras will range in sizes from AA to an L in the United States. And they won’t be crazy expensive either, but they’re also not cheap. The t-shirt bra will be $99 and the bralette will be $50. Still, it’s worth it for something so custom-made that so many women can’t get elsewhere.

Nude Bras & Underwear

Pointer says she’s excited about the future of the company and its ability to help a lot of people who really need something like this, saying, “More representation is better and the way of the future, and I think companies need to catch onto that and start thinking about who their audience is. Nubian Skin and Louboutin [who released a wide variety of nude-toned shoes] are amazing. We just want to provide more options.”

If you want to help bring these bras into being, the company is running a Kickstarter and still has a few days left to go, so you can help them out if this is something you’d love to see in the world.

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