We asked a bunch of guys if they had a preference when it comes to women’s underwear. We also struggled a lot with the asking because there isn’t a respectable word for women’s underwear besides “underwear.” Panties, for example, are the worst. Unmentionables is also ridiculous. Anyway, all the guys answered “Crotchless latex thongs with little dolphins on them.”

Just kidding!



I wear underwear that is cotton pretty much all of the time, always, unless it’s a specific sex situation where I know my panties (made you vomit!) won’t be on for long (made you vomit TWICE). I used to be really into Calvin Klein undies, like when I was a teenager because I had a very particular image of myself as being like, you know… cool? I like boyshorts a lot and I find that boys do, too. I will wear a thong only if it’s absolutely necessary.


When I was a teenager, I started buying these black lace boyshorts. I think they were called Huggers or Hipsters or something stupid. They were made by Warner, who apparently stopped making them a few years ago and I’ve been lovingly hand washing mine ever since because they are the best underwear ever. They’re really comfortable, really sexy and they have never caused panty lines. Guys love them and I love wearing them. Since most of those pairs are beginning to fall apart, I’ve begun supplementing my drawer with the slightly pricey but really, really awesome equivalents at American Apparel, which are more like a brief than a boy short. They sit low on the hips, they’re black lace, they’re great. Only they’re like $16 a pair, as opposed to Warner’s like 2 for $8. Whatever. If I’m feeling fancy, I have two or three of those American Apparel high-waisted ones, too. Those are great.


I’m pretty much strictly a boyshorts kinda girl. They make my ass look good and they’re comfortable. I can get plain or patterned cotton ones to wear when I don’t really need to impress, or lacey ones for the boyfriend. And I have a habit of not really wearing pants when I’m hanging out around my apartment so boyshorts add enough coverage so it doesn’t really look like I’m not wearing pants. (or so I’d like to think). I’m not fussy when it comes to my underwear really, but I’m not anywhere near the granny panty department. Boyshorts are a happy medium.


Boyshorts! Guys seem to like them! The lace ones anyway. If I’m on a date or planning to get laid, I might wear a thong but that’s probably only because all my thongs happen to be the only panties I have that match specific bras. When I’m still in the “giving a fuck” stage of a relationship (before men have begun to find white cotton underwear with yellow flowers on it really hot), I like to match my bra to my panties. If I go without a bra, usually boyshorts. You definitely gotta wear underwear, though. I’m afraid of like vag germs or something. Underwear feels like a necessary protective layer. I admire and fear those girls who can wear jeans with nothing underneath.


I wear lacy thongs every single day. Every day. Except on the days when I don’t wear underwear. Which are, frankly, the best days. I don’t do either of those things to be sexy. I do it because I absolutely hate underwear and want to wear as little of it as possible. I mostly wear skirts or dresses so there’s not often a lot of friction as there might be with jeans, so it just feels like unnecessary clothing getting all up in my butt crack. And there’s less, getting folded all weird and in the butt crack or giving you some sort of weird friction against the top of your thigh with a tiny thong than there is with anything else. That said, I want to push for a world where lady flowers can just be free to be themselves.


I dunno. White? White cotton. Just normal underwear. From Target.


I almost exclusively wear comfy cotton underwear. I buy them a little bit larger than I need them to make sure they don’t cut into my love handles and give me a muffin top. I like it when they have cool patterns or pictures on them. It’s like a secret party in my pants! I have some I got at a street fair that pretty much look like a Lisa Frank notebook, with like, psychedelic planets and shit. They are my favorite pair of underwear ever. I do have a couple of pairs of lacy boyshorts and a thong that I wear for sexy photoshoots and once in a while when I want to look extra sexy/slutty, but I don’t wear them very often. I have very sensitive girl parts, so I almost always go for something that will feel nice against them.


Whatever is on sale.

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