Where to buy cute underwear besides Victoria’s Secret? Look no further! We’ve got your back. The underwear industry is a 15 billion dollar industry, and it’s only growing. From thongs to full coverage, there are so many styles to choose from.

Don’t get me wrong– Victoria’s Secret can be great. They have a large selection, their female staff gives off that Girls’ Club vibe, and it’s never hard to find a store nearby.

That being said? I’m bored. I’m bored of Victoria having a pseudo-monopoly on lingerie, and I’m bored of watching other great underwear lines continue to fly under the radar. If you’re looking to expand your panty collection, try these 10 stores that sell affordable, cute, and different underwear!

Of course, if you have more, I want to hear about them, so tell us in the comments.

1. Target

Panties and Underwear for Women - Target

Target is the world’s best-kept lingerie secret. Not only do they sell amazing nightgowns, robes, and pajamas, but there needs to be a new award show to honor their underwear. It’s soft, pretty, comfy, and cheap. The best.

2. Feminist Style

I love my body underwear - Feminist Style.

Thanks to the power of Kickstarter, one young woman has created underwear with positive feminist messages emblazoned on them. If wearing the word “CONSENT” on your crotch sounds like a great idea to you, these are perfect.

3. Forever 21

Forever 21 Panties for Women

Hear me out. Even though their sweaters tend to unravel and washing machine cycles can be the death of their dresses, Forever 21 does a good job with underwear. It’s cute enough to make you feel pretty and cheap enough to feel confident about wearing it on your period. It’s the best of both worlds.

4. Cool Aunt Flo

Cool Aunt Flo's Panties

If your sense of humor has been calling you to buy a pair of period panties with “SHARK WEEK” written across the butt, this Etsy shop has come to the rescue.

5. Aerie

Aerie Underwear - Women's Underwear

Aerie earned a special place in my heart after they started a no-Photoshop campaign, and they’ve kept my loyalty by selling really adorable products. Anything you can get at Victoria’s Secret, you can get here. It’ll just be cheaper, younger, and friendlier. According to Beauty Mag, you can get bundling deals if you buy multiple pairs of underwear from Aerie.

6. Gap Body

GAP Women's Undies

For a store that famously sells khaki pants and boring office tops, Gap makes a surprisingly fun pair of panties. I love the bright colors and interesting lace patterns.

7. SoEffingCute

Custom Text Underwear - by So Effing Cute

Harry Potter fans: rejoice! This Etsy seller makes underwear with all three Unforgivable Curses on the butts. Oh, and don’t worry– they also have products for other types of nerds. Adventure Time fans will be particularly excited.

8. Topshop

Women's Lingerie & underwear - Topshop

Does anyone else get some weird anglophile rush from shopping at Topshop? It makes me feel like I’m Cara Delevingne or something. Their underwear is every bit as cute as their clothes.

9. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters Underwear

They sell some truly gorgeous panties, but I’m most interested in Urban Outfitters for their bras. I’m not a big fan of underwire, so I’m completely obsessed with their lacy bralettes.

10. H&M

H&M Underwear - 2-pack Soft-cup Bras

H&M can be hit or miss for me, but their underwear is almost always a hit. They make some really adorable pieces, but more importantly, they make a solid pair of plain cotton panties. When I see them hanging out in the bin at the checkout, I’m pretty much powerless.

Where Do You Buy Your Underwear?

underwear girl blonde

Everyone loves different kinds of underwear, but some retailers are better than others. Which is the best? Where is the best place to buy underwear and bras?

Just about everyone you encounter is wearing underwear of some sort. Some folks prefer cotton briefs; many like to go wireless with their bras, and a few brave souls prefer thongs. But where you buy your underwear is probably the most important aspect, as it determines the quality and how well your needs and wants are fulfilled.

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Everybody knows that Victoria’s Secret is one of the biggest retailers of undies (calling them the oft-despised word “panties”), so in honor of tonight’s VS Fashion Show airing–which we will be live-tweeting!–we figured today was the perfect time to discuss the best underwear sellers.

After all, there are so many wonderful places to buy mini dresses and plenty of not-so-wonderful ones, but depending on your needs and preferences, you may not have the same favorite as your best friend, mom, sisters, or coworkers.

My personal faves of the past few years:

  • Target: Yes, I’m slightly embarrassed that I bought my underwear at Target, but you guys, this pair right here is the only one that’s been invariably comfortable and looked great under tight things for me. I have probably bought 12 pairs, possibly more, over the past four years.
  • Le Mystere: I have had this bra for a year. I wear it about 50% of the time because it’s really comfortable, ridiculously cute, and has yet to quit on me or get all stretched out.

Of course, I still want to find more spots to acquire wonderful underwear. I’m due for a lingerie update (lingerupdate?), so help me out.

Where do you buy your underwear (and why)? Tell us in the comments!

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