The Final Verdict On The Sticky Bra: Is It Worth It?

The sticky bra is a convenient and affordable solution for wearing backless and strapless clothing. However, the adhesive may not last long, and it may not be suitable for very plunge-y designs. Some users have found success with using two adhesive pieces per breast, while others swear by reusable nipple covers from Amazon. Ultimately, the final verdict on the sticky bra depends on individual needs and preferences.

When my friends and I would get ready to go out, they’d wear all these little dresses, sans bras. To me, the idea was sort of ludicrous. I have never had an issue going bra-less, but I also didn’t want to pop out of place entirely.

My friends swear by the adhesive bra! They wear a D-cup and B-cup, respectively. So, as a C-cup, I decided to throw in the towel and join them on their journey toward breast exoneration. I bought the Fashion Forms NuBra Adhesive Bra (Polyvore, $75). It felt good not to wear a bra — and better yet — to have some support. If anyone were to see my tits, they’d only see a shiny, nude-colored, nipple-less something. You get the picture.

After peeling the squishy, under-boob-shaped slabs from their places, I followed the directions and sort of adhered where I needed to. For me, I chose to not place them directly at the point where the breast touches the chest. Instead, I place them somewhere sort of in the middle and to the side of the boob, making sure to cover the nipple. I then wore this dress all night:

Sticky Bra Reviews

The pros:

  1. As someone with perkier, somewhat firm C-Cup breasts, I felt that the adherent quality of the bra worked well with my boobs. I assume a less-firm breast would equally benefit from a sticky bra as well. I was surprised that these would stay on a medium-sized boob well.
  2. I also was able to move the bra around a bit in order to get the coverage I needed. The adhesive never stopped working, which I found to be very surprising, actually, given that I was sort of running around on a very warm summer night in NYC. The sticky bra without the middle clasp is a much better option. However, you get more creative liberty with two separate adhesive strips instead of my option, which has a clasp in the middle. If you don’t want to move them around and you want a little more push-together, the clasp is ideal.
  3. The adhesive bra has some lifting and smoothing powers. While certainly not a push-up bra by any means, the bra does have a bit of a plumping, slightly perkifying affect, which is nice. It also helps smooth out and fill out any sort of area that might be a bit bumpy.

The Cons:

  1. The sticky bra doesn’t last forever, and the price can be quite steep, so there’s a potential for buying them a few times over the summer. Washing them is the solution here, but even then, you’re not guaranteed an immortal sticky boob cover.
  2. While I had a night out with my friends, I couldn’t imagine going full-on dancing with these bras. Just no. Imagine the sticky, nude-colored thing flopping out onto the floor during “We fell in love in a hopeless place!”? Just, no. I would prefer a nipple cover/bra tape of some sort in that situation and a tight top.
  3. The C-Cup size isn’t very C-Cup sized. If you want better coverage, I say go a bit bigger. I’m sure with smaller breasts, this could be a bit tricky, but with bigger boobs, I could have easily worn a D-Cup. Definitely eye it out and decide what works for you. Every brand is different, too.

All in all, I’d recommend one. It might just take a bit of searching and recommendation from friends.

Vive le sticky bra? Maybe? You tell me: how have your experiences been with the sticky bra?

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