Signs it's Time to Update Your Bra

Most women around the world wear a bra every single day of their life. Without bras, many of us feel unsupported and uncomfortable when we leave the front door – this is especially so for those of us with larger chests. Due to this, it is incredibly important that the bras we use are in great condition, doing the best job they can for us. Otherwise, what’s the point? When it’s something that is such a big part of our daily lives, when you feel like you need an upgrade, don’t deny yourself! You wouldn’t want to leave your home without a sturdy bra, after all. So, here we are going to dive into the telltale signs that it’s time for you to update your bra collection. 

You Keep Eyeing Up New Underwear

If you keep on just “having a quick look” at the different bras on the market, then you know it’s something that you are definitely interested in. Don’t just window shop – if you want a

new bra from SKIMS, for example, then you are allowed to treat yourself every once in a while. A new bra that you love is something that you’ll get plenty of wear out of. For many of us, bras are an essential clothing item that we need to feel great. So don’t put it off any longer if you have your eye on a new bra! 

You Don’t Feel Good in Your Current Pairs

Bras are multipurpose. They not only give us that all important support, but they also help us to feel comfortable in our own skin. If you’re bored of your current pairs, or they just don’t look good on you anymore, then there’s only one answer. By having at least one pair that you can put on and feel amazing in, this can give you a real confidence boost. We all deserve to feel good in the clothes we wear, and underwear is not excluded from this. 

Your Body Has Changed

If you’ve had a recent weight change or your breasts have simply changed in size, then this is a definite sign that you need a new bra. Ill-fitting bras are the last thing that you want, as this completely defeats the object. If your underwear is overly tight or loose you are not going to enjoy wearing it and it will look strange, even through your clothing. So, go and get remeasured to find out what your new size is. Do this sooner rather than later, as nobody wants to be wearing underwear that is totally wrong for them!

Your Old Bras Are No Longer Fit for Purpose

If you’ve had your current sets for a long time, then there’s a good chance they’re no longer fit for purpose. Are they starting to get a little shabby? Have you experienced breakages? Do they no longer support you the way they once did? You need to get yourself some new bras ASAP – even if just a new pair or two, as quality is vital when it comes to bras. 

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