Flaunting a perfect-looking body in the most popular stylish garment is the rage with today’s modern women. Some women are blessed with a well-sculpted curvaceous body, all thanks to their genes, while others do not have those perfect to die for curves.

Best Shapewear For Women
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Shapewear for women is the perfect solution for those seeking to flaunt the flab free body. These are well suited for those who do not have that perfect body shape yet wish to wear some trendy garments and also for those who have a perfect figure but wish to accentuate the appearance of certain parts of their body. Shapewear help women flaunt their sexy looks and yet feel most comfortable and confident in the snuggly fitting garments.

Shapellx shapewear targets various problem areas of the body; the bulging fat belly, elephant size thighs, grandma arms, sagging breasts, and huge butts. Shapewear comes in light, medium, and firm levels of fitting (compression) and is made up of such a fine stretchable fiber mixing Lycra and nylon that it can be worn under any dress to get that brawny physique. Choose the right level of compression depending upon your needs. Most women prefer to wear shapewear garments on special occasions under some hot designer dresses while others like to wear them on a daily basis.

Upper body shapewear aims at contouring the breasts, abdomen, or waist. Lower body shapewear aims at contouring the buttocks, or thighs. Shapewear bodysuit targets the entire body and snuggly fits each body part giving a slim, firm, smooth, curvy body. Identify the problem areas of your body and choose the style that best hides your flaws.

But mind you the accurate size is the must to get the best fit and most comfortable feel. Do not get over bouncy, and aim at shrinking from size 34 to 28, be realistic. If you wear oversized shapewear, it may not give you the best shape, and if you wear the undersized piece, you may feel squeezed and suffocated.

Shapewear for pregnant women is an absolutely different range designed, especially for preggos keeping in view their special needs. Preggos do not need to accentuate or rectify their curves but need to be more comfortable in that childbearing body. The shapewear for pregnant women aims at relieving the body stress caused by weight gain, protruding big belly, aching pelvic girdle, and habitual incorrect body posture. Shapewear targets at supporting the sagging breasts, protruding big tummy and aching back. These garments come in different sizes, colors, and fibers. Now the pregnant woman can also look sexy and feel comfortable in her tough days.

Remember, do not always fall back on the shapewear for women to achieve the silhouette body but get going and move your butt. Do some exercise and eat sensibly to shed that extra body flab and flaunt the flawless, sculpted body. Till the time you get the toned body out of exercising, try out this shapewear, which helps you get the look for which you are working so hard in the gym.

Shapewear Tips

With Shapellx shapewear, virtually everyone can wear the latest fashions, or fit into those favorite jeans. Slip-on a Shapellx body shaper and enjoy fashion freedom!

Shapellx has taken the needs of today’s women and has manufactured two lines of shapewear in both strong and medium compression. Their strong compression shapewear has been designed to help reshape your body and aid in the recovery of plastic surgery, birth, and orthopedic problems. The medium compression shapewear is for everyday wear to smooth and flatten troubled areas to make one look and feel slimmer.

We recommend measuring yourself before ordering body shapers and never order a smaller size than your actual body measurements. If unsure, order a size up is recommended. On full body shapers, order to closest sizing on the hips and waist. Vests and waist cinchers, by waist size. Shapers are made to reduce your body shape by inches.

How To Select Your Size

  • Take a measurement under your bust and your waist and hips.
  • Compare your measurements with the size chart.
  • Select the closest corresponding size.

How To Select Your Cup Size

  • Take a measurement of your bust in inches.
  • Take a measurement under your bust.
  • Subtract the smaller measurement from the larger measurement.
  • The result corresponds with your cup size.

Tips for Correctly Putting on Shapewear

  • Gather up the sides, so you’re holding the entire shapewear corset in your hands.
  • Step into the leg holes and pull up until you get to the spot where you’d like the shaping to start.
  • Unroll the garment upward, without twisting.
  • Unroll the garment downward.
  • Smooth out until everything is flat.

Important Fit Tips for Shapewear

  • Your shapewear corset should fit comfortably.
  • Your skin shouldn’t bulge where the edges of the fabric meet your body.
  • When you sit, stand, bend over and walk around, the shapewear should stay put.
  • Lighter control will smooth your body, but it won’t reshape.
  • Moderate control tones your body, but it won’t necessarily reduce your size.
  • Firm control can actually take centimeters off your size by slightly flattening your tummy or slimming your thighs.
  • You cannot order a smaller size and expect to get better shaping and performance. If you go down a size from your measurements, the entire garment will fit wrong, and you will not achieve the desired effect at all.

Important Directions For Use

  • The shapewear corset should not be worn during any type of exercise or sport. Overheated skin in contact with the corset may cause irritation to sensitive skin.
  • Wear the shapewear corset for one hour on the first day. Gradually increase the length of time you wear it until you feel you can wear it without any discomfort.
  • The use of creams is not recommended for areas that are covered by the corset. Creams may damage the garment and thus reduce the life of the corset.
  • If you have sensitive skin, or if you experience any type of irritation while wearing the garment, discontinue its use and consult a doctor.
  • Exercising, eating a balanced diet, and drinking water help to maintain good health and improve the quality of life.
  • Choose the size corresponding to your waistline measurement, in order to prevent discomfort during use and damage to the garment.

Care Instructions

  • Hand wash with cold water and mild soap, dry in the shade.
  • (do not wring, iron or dry in the sun).
  • Do not put your corset away if it is wet or damp.

Look Slender All The Time

Shapellx shapewear has been designed with the needs of today’s women in mind. It is ideal for shaping your body, correcting posture, and enhancing your figure. Consistent use will change the shape of your body, creating a new attitude, renewed self-esteem, and increased confidence in your life.

Plus Size Shapewear

Shapewear has been in trend for a very long time. Earlier, women were tightly tied to corsets in order to get a slimmer look and to keep their waistline in shape, but with the change in trends and technology, the face of the intimate apparel industry has immensely transformed.

Plus Size Shapewear

With the ongoing changes in the overall apparel industry, new names and definitions have emerged for undergarments. One of the popular names in shapewear. Shapewear is an undergarment that makes you look much slimmer than you actually are. In other words, it is a tool to reshape your body temporarily most suitable for slightly healthy and obese individuals, an advanced adaptation of body slimming garment.

Plus size shapewear is designed keeping in mind both the comfort and efficacy of the garment. Plus size shapewear is meant to shape up almost all the prominent parts of your body like legs, thighs, upper arms, waist, breasts, and abdomen.

There is a variety of plus-size shapewear available in the market today. The most important thing to keep in mind is to get one that fits exactly to the measurement of your body. It is advisable to get your measurements done in advance before purchasing plus-size shapewear. Instead of enhancing your appearance, incorrect measurements can spoil your looks. So getting the correct measurements is the first step in reshaping your body by wearing a plus size shapewear.

The next important thing before selecting plus-size shapewear is to choose according to the level of control you wish to have in your garment. Plus-size shapewear of your measurement will give you more support and control as compared to a size smaller or larger than your own fit.

Fabric plays a significant role in the manufacturing of undergarments. Hence it is of utmost importance to pay attention to the fabric used in your plus-size shapewear. Cotton is considered as the best fabric for any type of garment as it allows the attire to breathe through the free flow of air. Cotton absorbs sweat and helps prevent skin infections besides being cool and comfortable.

With the best plus size shapewear, you don’t need to worry about what kind of dresses you need to wear with it. You are free to wear slim-fit dresses which are comfortable but not too tight. The best thing about plus-size shapewear is that it makes all the bumps appear flat.

If you are using plus-size shapewear for the first time, it is better to try it more than once to make sure it fits you properly. Move your body in every possible direction like bending, sitting, walking, stretching, and turning to get the real feel of the garment. A wise decision would be to select a plus size shapewear having moderate or light control allowing yourself to get used to it. For first-time wearers, light control will provide more comfort. Experienced wearers may select plus-size shapewear of tight control as it gives a much more slimming effect on specifically targeted areas of your body. The effect is also long-lasting. Here you should remember one important thing that shapewear is meant to provide a good shape to your body and not to cause any discomfort. So be very careful in the selection of plus size shapewear and its use. Beauty at the cost of health is stupidity.

Best Waist Trainer

Shapellx shapewear is dedicated to helping women to feel good in their own skin. By providing the best waist trainer, they aim to achieve that. Feeling good and looking great are essential elements in any daily routine. Purchasing from Shapellx shapewear doesn’t make you any old customer; you become part of a community!

What is Waist Training?

Waist training is a gradual waistline reduction process with the use of a latex waist trainer or latex waist cincher. This is an ongoing slimming technology, and it requires the wearer to use it consistently over the course of a month, we advise wearing the waist trainer on average, 8 hours per day.

Getting massive weight loss results does not happen overnight; bear in mind that it will take time, dedication, and persistence. The waist trainer enables your midriff area to perspire more, tightening the tummy and increasing thermal activity. This means that the bad toxins and fatty deposits of the abdominal region can be released through sweat. The waist trainers that Shapellx provides can be worn under your clothes throughout the day, worn in the gym, or just out and about.

What is Waist Training
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What’s the right size?

Waist training will be your invisible friend, defining your curves in all the right places, for this to have the best effect, please check your sizing!

If you are unsure of which size waist trainer to go for, please have a look at our sizing guide! Measure yourself around your middle, tummy button level, take that measurement and compare it with the guide. This will ensure you get the size perfect for you. You don’t need to take the next size down or up, the one that corresponds with you will be perfect! Everyone differs, so don’t rely upon your usual dress size!

The waist trainer by Shapellx has been developed specifically to aid in weight loss whilst you go about your daily business or exercises, whether that be in the gym, out with the dog, or carrying the kids around the shops. If you’re are looking to shape up and get the hourglass figure, this is the best waist trainer for you, losing weight through the increased thermal activity will have you dropping dress sizes in days. The waist trainer is a snug fit, with 3 rows of hooks for maximum comfort and compression in all the right places.

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