Anniversary lingerie makes for an exciting and sexy gift for your partner. Choosing the perfect set can be tricky though – you need to balance comfortstyle, and finding something suitably naughty!

When shopping for anniversary lingerie as a gift, consider comfort, style, color, sizing, and adding personal touches to find something romantic and sexy your partner will appreciate. For high quality lingerie, look to Etsy, specialty online stores, or high-end department stores for the best selection of lace, strappy, and revealing styles.

When shopping for anniversary lingerie, keep these key factors in mind:

  • Material – silk and lace tend to be more luxurious and romantic
  • Style – strappy, open cup, or push up bras to spice things up
  • Color – classic red or black, romantic white or pink
  • Size – focus on getting accurate measurements
  • Personalization – custom text or embroidered details make it extra special
Babydollssheer, flowing styles
Teddiesone-piece bodysuits
Bra and panty setsmatch different styles

The perfect anniversary lingerie gift says “I still find you incredibly sexy after all these years together”. Putting thought into picking out something beautiful or naughty shows your partner they are still desirable.

With so many styles and options to choose from, this introduction covers the key points to consider when buying lingerie as an anniversary gift. Let the search results guide your selection!

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Key Factors to Consider When Buying Anniversary Lingerie

Contemplative woman in red lace lingerie admiring a wrapped gift on the bed.

When shopping for the perfect anniversary lingerie set, keep these key buying factors in mind:


  • Material – silk and lace tend to be more luxurious and romantic
  • Adjustable straps and stretchy fabrics
  • Proper fit to avoid discomfort


  • Babydolls, teddies, camisoles
  • Bra and panty sets – match different colors/patterns
  • Open cup and strappy styling


RedClassic, sexy
WhiteBridal, romantic
PinkPlayful, feminine


  • Focus on getting accurate measurements
  • Pay attention to size charts
  • Order multiple sizes if unsure


  • Custom text or embroidered names/dates
  • Make it meaningful and intimate

Choosing the perfect anniversary lingerie requires balancing many factors – from comfort to style to finding something suitably sexy! Use this criteria during your search to find something beautiful your partner will truly appreciate.

Elegant woman in black lingerie with a red rose on a pink background.

There are many gorgeous styles of lingerie perfect for an anniversary gift. Some top options include:

Lace Lingerie

  • Delicate, sheer, and romantic
  • Often in classic colors like red, black, white
  • Timeless and sexy

Strappy Lingerie

  • Edgy, bondage-inspired styling
  • Shows more skin
  • Bra and panty sets or teddies

Open Cup Lingerie

  • Revealing cups show off cleavage
  • Features cut-outs and strappy details
  • Enhances your assets!

Push Up Lingerie

  • Cleavage enhancing bras
  • Creates alluring curves
  • Mix and match sets
BabydollsFlowy, short styles
TeddiesOne-piece bodysuits
CamisolesSilky tops

The search results featured gorgeous lace, strappy, and revealing lingerie perfect for an anniversary or bridal lingerie. These seductive styles are sure to inspire romance!

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Gift Ideas and Presentation Tips

Make your anniversary lingerie gift stand out with special wrapping and presentation ideas:

Gift Wrapping

  • Tissue paper in red, pink, or black
  • Heart shaped boxes or gift bags
  • Add ribbon, bows, or rose petals

Gift Messages

  • Romantic love notes or poems
  • Naughty promises for later that night
  • Custom label with special date or names

Planning a Special Night

  • Light candles and play soft music
  • Prepare your partner’s favorite dessert
  • Give massage oil as another gift
FlowersRoses, lilies
ChocolatesTruffles, chocolate-dipped strawberries
WineSparkling wine, champagne, red wine

Make your lingerie gift presentation unique and intimate. Use these ideas to create the perfect romantic anniversary evening!

Where to Buy High Quality Anniversary Lingerie

Looking for the best places to find gorgeous, high-quality anniversary lingerie sets? Here are some top options:


  • Many sellers offering custom and handmade lingerie
  • Choose your own fabrics, colors, and styling
  • Add special personalization like embroidered names/dates

Specialty Online Stores

  • Focus specifically on lingerie and intimates
  • High quality construction and detailing
  • Large selections of colors, sizes, and styles

Department Stores

  • Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue
  • High-end designer lingerie brands
  • Excellent customer service and product guarantees
StorePrice Range
Online Boutiques$$
Department Stores$$$$

The search results featured gorgeous lace lingerie and strappy sets perfect for an anniversary. For the best selection focus your search on Etsy, specialty online lingerie shops, or high-end department stores.


Anniversary lingerie serves as an exciting and thoughtful gift that can spice up your celebration. With so many gorgeous styles and options to choose from, focus on picking something in line with your partner’s personal tastes – delicate lace, edgy straps, cleavage-enhancing push-up bras, and more.

Look for high quality materials and construction and don’t be afraid to customize with personal touches like embroidered names or dates.

Take the time to make your gift presentation special too – wrap it beautifully, include a romantic note, and set the mood with candles, music and dessert.

Shopping for stunning lingerie together later can even be part of the fun! The perfect sexy anniversary gift shows your partner after all these years how much you still cherish and desire them. Use the guidance in this article to pick out a stunning lingerie set sure to inspire romance on your special night.

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