Perfect Fitting Bra By True&Co Bra Fits Shape Not Size

True&Co has designed the True Spectrum bra range based on data on real women’s breasts, so bras fit their shape not size.

Sorry Victoria, you’re not the only one with secrets! Though you probably know this one: boobs are like snowflakes and none are the same–sometimes not even the two breasts you have. Symmetric or not, it can be difficult to find a bra for any shape or size, which is why 85% of us are wearing the wrong bra size. So the vast majority of us will be pleased to know that this is the week of bra inventions. First, we had a strapless bra that could actually support larger breasts, and now there’s a bra range that fits your breast shape and not your size. True&Co. have collected data from over 500,000 women and created the TrueSpectrum range. Here is the brand’s philosophy:

“True&Co. believes every woman deserves to feel comfortable and look great. So we created a better bra shopping experience that makes finding the perfect style quick and simple—no fitting rooms, no measuring tape, just the bras that fit you best.”

The innovative range uses “a unique algorithm” to find your fit, based on the data collected from a variety of different breast shapes and sizes. I’m sure the algorithm is a lot more complicated than the old measure your band and cup and subtract the two formulas because the True&Co. have identified 6,000 different breast shapes. Though they have yet to design a bra for every one of those shapes, (give them time) they have eight color-coded sizes that are divided into fuller and shallower cups.

True and Co True Spectrum Sizing

To figure out your size, you take an easy online quiz, which considers things like whether your straps dig in, band placement (or if it’s always riding up!), cleavage spillage, and what you like about your current bra.

The interactive survey even offers customized tips. (FYI: If you’re still wearing your bra on the loosest hook and it’s over a year old, you might want to try moving it to the middle one since it may be stretched out) Once you answer all the questions, you’re given a color for your bra fit types such as Sapphire (shallow-bottom), Chartreuse (shallow-sides), and Vermillion (full-bottom). It sounds so much more fancy than 36C doesn’t it?

True and Co Bra Quiz

And before you jump to conclusions that this is an everyday nude t-shirt bra range, think again. In addition to finding the perfect fit, True&Co. haven’t forgotten about style, so there’s no need to bring out the sequins. Here’s just a preview of what’s on their website:

They even have a handy ‘fits you’ symbol, so you know what styles work the best for your body shape. Oh, and did I mention the prize? As you can see the prices aren’t that much more than Victoria’s Secret. Most styles are in the $40-$60 range with some as low as $28. If Victoria doesn’t know this secret, she’s going to be pissed when she finds out.

FAQs on True&Co. Bras

How do you know if a bra fits properly?

Sorry, I post to complain about every bra post ever, but I signed up for this and got told they have no matches for me. Apparently, it only works for people who are pretty standard sizes. I was so excited and then so sad, so be warned that if you’re not a common size it might not work at all.

I didn’t mean that to sound like “yeah I’m NORMAL so I DESERVE to find my size!” — I think everyone should be able to find their size — just that 30E is common enough that it seems weird that they wouldn’t stock it.

Who makes True and Co. bras?

I’m a 32E, which is a really uncommon size, and I’ve found great success with T&C. Their bras are pretty and sturdy. (And no I have no affiliation with the company, just ordered from them before and was really satisfied with my experience.)

What is the largest bra size?

And got told they don’t support my size. Even though only “19%” of women have my size/shape, I don’t really think Full and 32DD is that crazy unusual. I’m sad.

(Photos: True&Co.)

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