The Most Common Bra Mistakes and Fit IIssues

Finding the perfect fit for any item of clothing can be challenging, it doesn’t matter whether it is shoes or a pair of pants. One item that causes people a lot of grief is bras. No one likes bra shopping. You have to find a bra that fits in the cups, band, and straps. And you want it to actually be comfortable, and not feel like it is constantly digging into your sides. Even if you think you have found the perfect fit, you can discover too late that your new purchase isn’t so great after all.

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These are the mistakes that everyone has made with their bras:

1. Thinking that your bra’s straps are meant to do all the work. 

It’s the straps that are meant to do all the lifting, right? That is how gravity works. What can the band really do? You tighten those straps as tight as they will go to really hoist the girls. You do not give a second thought about that band.

2. Genuinely believing that no one will notice your clear straps.

You do not like strapless bras so you loved the idea of clear straps. You could wear them with your strapless tops and dress, and you would have support but they wouldn’t ruin the look of your outfit. You see photos from those times and all you are the shiny “invisible” bra straps.

3. Assuming you are the same bra size in every style and every store.

A 34D is a 34D, that is a universal size, right? You thought so and picked up a bunch of 34D bras without trying them on. When you finally decided to wear them, you realized that not all 34Ds are the exact same.

4. Wearing a white bra under a white top and thinking it is invisible.

Isn’t there some rule in color theory that if you wear a white bra under a white top it is supposed to be invisible? It works with black. You put your white bra on then your white tee. If only you had looked in the mirror and realized you could see your bright bra through your top.

5. Washing your bras about as often as you wash your jeans.

You wash the majority of your clothes on a regular basis. You wear a t-shirt, then you put it in the wash. Ditto for socks and underwear, obvs. However, you remember to wash your bras about as often as you wash your jeans, which isn’t too often. It’s not like they get dirty.

6. Assuming that all padding looks good.

Bra designers are experts in their field so it is a natural assumption that they know how to design a good padded bra. Plus, bigger boobs are always looking good. You bought a padded bra that you thought would make you look like a Victoria’s Secret model, but you ended up looking like you had two massive bags of sand under your top.

7. Throwing your bra in the dryer because you are late for work and it is still damp.

You could not possibly wear a damp bra. That would be uncomfortable and you could get a chill. Yo pop your bra in the dryer and think that it will be fine for a few seconds. When it comes out, it is not the same as it was going in. It’s dry, but it’s also gone a bit funny.

8. Wearing a nude lace bra under a t-shirt and thinking it’s not noticeable.

Nude bras work with everything so what would make a nude lace bra any different than a plain one? You didn’t want a plain ol’ nude bra so you got a fancy one with lace. When you wore it with your t-shirt, you had weird lumps showing through your top thanks to the lace’s texture.

9. Believing that the tighter the band, the better the support.

You wanted your girls to be supported so you wanted a band with a nice tight fit. You thought it was normal if you had to breathe in then stretch the straps as far as they would go until the tightest setting. Sometimes you enlisted a friend to help. The bra left marks all over your back and pinched your skin, but you thought it was a decent fit.

10. Buying a smaller cup size than you really are because it will make your boobs look bigger.

You want to make your boobs look bigger so you thought you’d get a bra in the next cup size because less fabric, means more boob which means your chest appears larger. It did not help the cups squished your boobs in an unflattering way. And we’re not even going to talk about the support or lack thereof.

11. Dropping lots of cash on a “sexy” bra.

You thought you were going to look so good in the bra, and you thought that your partner was going to love it. It looked so hot when you saw it on display in the store. When you tried it on, you and your partner both burst out laughing. Then you cried because you realized you couldn’t return it.

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