Pixel Panties, The Adorable And Charitable Underwear Brand
(Instagram/Pixel Panties)

If you thought lingerie and technology were two industries that would never mix, think again. Maison Pixel, the brainchild of designers Cesária and Sebastião, has released Pixel Panties, the adorable nerdy underwear line that looks like it was pulled right out of Super Mario 64. If you’ve ever played a video game in your entire life, you’ll love these.

These seamless panties all retail for $19.90 (appropriate, given how much ’90s kids seemed to love Nintendo 64), and come in eight different colors, each with classic video game-inspired names, like Sonic Ultrasonic Blue, Ms Pac Hypnotic Yellow, and Princess Peach Peach. The adorable names are the perfect complement to the pieces:

I mean, seriously. How perfect are these?

Pixel Panties are more than just your run-of-the-mill, kitschy underwear line, though. According to The Huffington Post, as far as production goes, they try to keep things as ethically possible, producing all of their wares “in Portugal, in plants with no child labor.” They also strive to ensure that their workers are all getting fair, equal wages, are able to exercise their rights as workers and practice in safe environments.

It would be all too easy for some to draw comparisons between the creation of this line and Gamergate, something that began in August of 2014 after a female game developer was threatened and attacked online, through a game that she had created, by her ex-boyfriend. It would be easy to say that this line is just another instance of male-dominated gamer norms, sexualizing and fetishizing women without actually respecting them. And those criticisms, to be fair, wouldn’t necessarily be wrong. But when a brand is taking a stand and producing clothes that they believe in, with ethics behind them that anyone can respect, you have to at least step back and take notice, if only for a moment.

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