The right bra makes your clothing fit well. Wearing the right-sized bra makes you look and feel great, whether you’re in the boardroom, the classroom, or the gym. Bras that are too small can be painful and uncomfortable. When the bra is too big for your body, the straps can dig into your shoulders, causing headaches or back problems from poor posture. Use this bra size quiz to find the right size bra. Learn more about how weight can impact the fit of your bra.

Consequences of an Improperly Fitted Bra

If you constantly tug on your bra straps or make adjustments, you may have bra fit issues. When bras don’t fit right, they can cause irritation, chafing, and red marks on your shoulders. Well-fitting bras help you have better posture and less shoulder and neck pain. Your clothing fits better. You feel better and have more self-confidence when your bras fit right.

Breast Size May Change

Bra size is measured by the size of your ribcage, where the band of the bra sits on your body, and by the fullest size of your breasts. Those numbers can change over time due to weight fluctuations, both loss and gain. A shift in weight can change the cup size and the band size. If you gain or lose 10 pounds, you may change bra sizes. Even if your weight doesn’t fluctuate, you should measure your bra size each year. Shifts in your weight from hormones or medication can cause your breast cup size to change, even when you don’t lose or gain weight.

How To Measure Your New Bra Size

Womens bras come in many different styles and designs. There may be different sizing charts used by different manufacturers, so check your bra sizes when you’re buying new bras. To measure your bra size, wear a comfortable, non-padded bra. Use a measuring tape to measure around your rib cage, the part of your body where the band sits, right under your breasts. Make sure the tape is parallel to the floor. Exhale before measuring to get the best size. This is your band size.

To get your bra size, measure around the fullest part of your breasts. You want the measuring tape to go around your back to the front. Subtract the band size from that number to get the difference. The bra size is a letter.  Each inch is one cup size. For example, if the larger number is 40 inches and your band size is 37 inches, the difference is 3. Your bra size would be a “C.”

The Just Right Bra

The bra that fits right has smooth cups. The band is low and even against your rib cage. You may be able to fit two or three fingers between your body and the band. The center of the bra lies flat. It shouldn’t poke you if it has underwires, nor should the straps fall off your shoulders. Wearing the right-size bra should give you confidence and make you look great. Take the time to buy bras that really fit and are comfortable.

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