7 Pieces Of Lingerie That You Can Wear As Legitimate Clothing

Ever since I wore lingerie as a shirt on my birthday (and exactly no one noticed, except a few girlfriends commenting on how good my boobs looked), I’ve realized that wearing lingerie as clothing isn’t as crazy as one might think. Granted, it was a black lace babydoll that I wore tucked into a pair of high-waisted black jeans with a blazer on top so it’s not like I was strolling around in a see-through bra, but still.

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For all the money that you spend on lingerie (or even if you don’t), why not find a way to take some of it out into the real world? If you’re game to let your lingerie drawer see the light of day, here are some perfect options and ideas for how to wear them.

1. Naja Valentina Bustier ($110)

Naja Valentina Bustier Talavera Blue

This is way too pretty to hide under clothes. I’m thinking maybe a ridiculously low-cut tee shirt with this beauty. Or better yet, a ridiculously low-cut t-shirt dress? Summer LOVE.

2. Victoria’s Secret Mesh and Lace Garter Slip ($88)

Victoria secret garter slip

I am obsessed with the idea of wearing this with a high-waisted skirt on top for a night out. Yes, it’s sexy, but a voluminous midi will strike the perfect balance. And then at the end of the night….heyooo.

3. Forever 21 Varsity-Striped Racerback Bralette ($7)

Forever 21 Varsity-Striped Racerback Bralette

If you’re not into lace, try this awesome racerback bra that could easily be a shirt. Imagine it: this bra + high-waisted army green cargo pants? Yaaaas.

4. Victoria’s Secret Lace Long Line Demi Bra ($65)

Victoria's Secret Lace Long Line Demi Bra

Tell me this bra isn’t legitimate summer music festival attire. Throw on a maxi skirt, four headbands, and some gladiators and you’re ready to go.

5. Iconic E Bodysuit ($148)

Iconic E Underwire Bra

Again, this neckline is way too gorgeous to confine to the bedroom. I could see this bodysuit under a tight midi skirt or maybe high-waisted wide-leg dress pants (culottes perhaps?)

6. Aerie Boho Bralette ($27)

Aerie Boho Bralette

More festival wear? Or just…miscellaneous summer lounging?

7. Aritzia Community Rasa Bra ($27)

Aritzia Community Rasa Bra Top

I know, it’s not “lingerie,” but sports bras are so damn cool these days that they are begging to be worn as shirts, especially while the “athleisure” trend is still going strong. This one, in particular, comes in 15 different colors, and I guarantee you’re going to want at least five.

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