Harness fashion has become popular in the last 5 years. But many have a hard time figuring out how the harness will fit them. Stores like Victoria’s Secret and other mainstream expensive lingerie stores are known for selling harness designs that are made of hard elastic bands that cut into the skin. Maybe that works on women who are size small, but they seem to forget that women of all sizes want to wear harness designs.

You want to know what are the best harness designs to fit your body shape, so here is a guide to help you figure out what styles to buy when you’re shopping online or at a store.

If you are more on the curvy side, including size large, extra-large, and above, consider harness designs with thick black elastic. There are many harness lingerie shops that sell this style of harness, including Liquid Red. https://shopliquidred.com Another style you can choose is a floral lace design that goes across the top of your chest but leaves a large area open for your breasts to fit through.

Choose a design that is more open in the breast area. Some designs have straps that go under your arms and others that don’t go under your arms. Choose a design that either doesn’t have straps under your arms or looks wide enough to go around each of your breasts.

Full-body harnesses may fit as well, but make sure to find out how adjustable they are. Check the size chart or size suggestions on the harness description.

If your body is more of small or medium size with small breasts, look at harness designs with smaller openings in the chest area. The harnesses with larger openings will typically fit you as well, but the smaller openings may make your breasts look larger.

If you have large breasts and a small body, any of the harness design styles should fit you unless the openings of the breast area are too small, so just make sure there is enough room in that area on the harness.

Men’s & unisex harnesses have also become popular recently. These harnesses styles are typically made of even thicker elastic, leather or pleather. You can find harnesses with studs, stripes, rainbows, sequins, wings, and more. And don’t forget to consider every harness a unisex harness.

Choosing a harness design to fit your body type

If you are a transgender woman with smaller breasts who wants to cover your breasts, wear a harness that covers your breasts with black lace, an embroidered floral pattern, or sequin wings harness. These types of harness designs will enhance your feminine look. Or wear a bra under the harness.

Harnesses can be worn while nude, with pasties or with a bra or top. When you’re buying a harness, consider whether you will be wearing it with or without a bra.

Most harnesses fit well with or without a bra, but the ones that have a large decoration on the chest area may actually cover your cleavage if you wear a bra, and you may be more covered than you were hoping.

Black elastic harnesses are typically a better match with a bra over floral harnesses that may cover too much with a bra on also.

If you have questions about a harness size, always email the store to ask questions. Include the website page or name of the harness designs you are looking at. Tell them your size and ask for help. Most lingerie stores are willing to help you find the right harness to fit you.

You can find a selection of over 100 different styles of harness lingerie designs for all body shapes and sizes at https://shopliquidred.com/.

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