Here’s how to keep your thigh highs from slipping

Are you in love with the sleek look of thigh highs but tired of the constant pull-up game? Trust me, there’s nothing sexy about tugging at your stockings all day. So, how do you keep them in place without interrupting your stride? I’ve got you covered with some foolproof tips.

First off, those chic knit thigh highs you’ve been eyeing? Yes, the ones from Fogal’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection – they’re as dreamy as they look. And fun fact: Fogal didn’t just stop there; they decked out the cast of The Great Gatsby in their finest hosiery too.

Option 1: Wear a Garter Belt

Signature Lace Garter Belt by Hanky Panky
A comfortable garter belt style by Hanky Panky, see buying information below. Photo Credit: Photo © Hanky Panky

A garter belt isn’t just a throwback to vintage glamour; it’s your thigh highs’ best friend. These belts come in all shapes and sizes. They range from minimal bands to fancy, lacy ones. The lacy ones are perfect for turning a regular night into a date night.

In the Photo: the Signature Lace Garter Belt by Hanky Panky is made from the softest lace. It feels like a second skin.

How does a garter belt hold up your thigh highs?

A garter belt typically has 4 to 6 straps with clips at the ends to latch onto your thigh highs. And voilà! Your stockings are secure, even through a night of dancing.

Worried about comfort? Let’s bust a myth: garter belts can be comfy. This is true if you choose one made with quality fabrics. Just ask Hanky Panky wearers.

A garter belt is fabulous – but for the right body type.

However, garter belts tend to flatter certain body types more. If you’ve got a flat tummy, they’ll look amazing. But if you’re more curvy, you might feel like it’s not your best look. No stress, though – there’s another option for keeping those thigh highs up.

Option 2: Look for “Stay-Ups”

Wolford's Individual 10 Stay Ups
Wolford’s Individual 10 Stay Ups.

Here’s a secret: not all thigh highs need a garter belt to stay put. Look for ‘Stay-Ups’ or ‘Hold-Ups’ (depending on where you’re shopping). They’re specially designed to cling to your legs without any external help.

Need a few examples?

Here are 10 thigh highs that will stay-up.

But beware, not all stay-ups live up to their promise (believe me, I’ve tested more than I can count). The best ones usually have an extra-wide elastic band. Some even have silicone grips for no-slip security. Fabric technology has made today’s thigh highs more comfy and reliable.

For instance, Wolford’s Individual 10 Stay-Ups are a bit of a splurge. But, they are worth every penny for their comfort and longevity. Perfect for a special occasion or a long night on the dance floor.

And hey, if you’re watching your budget like I am, keep an eye out for sales. I always share the best deals on my newsletter and social media.

So there you have it, a straightforward guide to keeping your thigh highs right where they belong. You can opt for the allure of a garter belt or the simplicity of stay-ups. You’re now equipped to strut without the slip-down hassle.

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