Garter belts come in different styles. Discover the differences between four types of garter belts: wide, minimalist, detachable straps, and girdles.

Embarking on the journey into the realm of garter belts, I discovered there’s a world beyond the traditional lingerie accessory I initially imagined. Garter belts, an essential piece for attaching thigh-high stockings, offer a surprising array of styles and functionalities.

From my first foray with a wide garter belt—prized for its comfort and stability—to experimenting with the simplicity of minimalist designs, each type has its unique appeal.

This exploration led me to appreciate the versatility of detachable straps and the dual benefits of shaping garter belts, which combine the elegance of classic lingerie with practical body shaping.

In this article, we’ll delve into four distinct types of garter belts, each offering its own blend of style, comfort, and functionality.

Whether you’re drawn to the supportive embrace of wide belts, the understated elegance of minimalist designs, the versatility of detachable straps, or the sculpting prowess of shaping garters, there’s a style to enhance every lingerie wardrobe.

1. Wide Garter Belts

Maison Close Garter Belts
Maison Close Garter Belts – Maison Close

Garter belts come in all shapes and styles. The essential part that all garter belts have in common is the straps which attach to your thigh-high stockings.  

In the example seen here, both from Maison Close, the two garter belt styles are wider than others. Some women might find the wider belt more comfortable. It lays smoother and stays in place better than slimmer styles.

Wide garter belts may be made of lace, satin, cotton, mesh, or any other lingerie material. They might hook in the back with adjustable hooks and eyes, or they may slip on over the hips.

They can also contain flexible boning or elastic to maintain their shape and provide a good fit. Like any garter belt, they usually have four or more straps to with hooks to attach to your thigh high stockings.

2. Minimalist Garter Belts

Four different kinds of garter belts and how to wear them: Minimalist Garer Belts
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Sometimes a garter belt can be just a simple belt. A thin piece of lace or elastic will fasten around your waist. It will attach to four or more garter straps. A minimal style may have a wider fabric where the belt attaches to the lace. This is not essential. 

The one seen here on the left was a previous style from Mimi Holliday.

The belt is thin, but the ruched details give it some texture.

The two garter belts on the right display the most common style. It’s neither too narrow nor too wide. One is designed to be worn just below your waist, and the other is a low-rise style that sits lower on your hips.

Adjust your garter belt to fit your body shape, outfit, and personal comfort. You have the freedom to choose where it sits.

When purchasing one, keep in mind that some are specifically designed to be worn in one area or the other on the body.

The blush-colored garter belt is silk with sheer lace sides. This is a low-rise style, by Else at Journelle. The black lace garter belt show above is by Hanky Panky at Journelle. It’s designed to sit just below your waistline.

3. Detachable Straps

Oh La La Cheri detachable garters Belts
Photo Credit: Bare Necessities/Oh La La Cheri

A popular feature for modern garter straps is to attach them to a panty, bodysuit, longline bustier, or other lingerie item. The straps are designed to detach easily.

The lingerie can be worn with or without them. This type of garter-belt-underwear has four or more removable straps.

Women can change their look with thigh-high stockings on some days. They can go without hosiery on other days.

Attaching straps to underwear eliminates the need for a garter belt with thigh-high stockings. This feature is convenient and saves you from buying extra accessories.

Just wear this underwear, attach the straps, pull up your stockings – and you’re ready to go. Many designers offer this useful and stylish option as seen above.

4. Shaping Garter Belts or Girdles

Shaping Garter Belts or Girdles
Photo Credits: Etsy

Retro brands at Pin Up Girl Clothing combine shapewear with a garter belt. Perfect for women who want to shape their silhouette around the waist, hips, and thighs.

They also pair well with thigh-high stockings. Often, wearing shapewear with a garter belt over it is too much, so a combination style is a great compromise.

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