Everything you need to know about this sexy hosiery style.

I’ll never forget the first time I slipped into a pair of thigh highs. It was a revelation—a blend of comfort and sass that traditional pantyhose could never match. Thigh highs, with their unique charm and practicality, have since become a staple in my wardrobe, perfect for adding that extra touch of sophistication or a hint of allure to any outfit.

Whether it’s for a day at the office or a special night out, I’ve found these pieces of hosiery to be incredibly versatile and empowering.

Let’s explore what makes thigh highs such a beloved choice for many, including the best styles, when to wear them, and how they can boost your outfit and confidence simultaneously.

What are Thigh Highs?

“Thigh Highs” are a common term for thigh high stockings. They are a specific style of hosiery. Unlike full pantyhose, this style ends just about mid-thigh, instead of going all the way up to your waist. Exactly where a pair of thigh highs ends on your leg will depend on your height and inseam. 

Thigh High Styles

Two basic thigh high styles exist: stay ups stay up on their own, and traditional do not. Thigh Highs that stay up on their own are also known as “hold ups” in the UK. They use a combination of elastic, Lycra, nylon, and silicone to grip and not slip.

Thigh Highs that don’t stay up are made from fabrics without stretch fibers like Lycra. Without the extra elastic or silicone at the top, these require wearing a garter belt to stay up on the leg. 

When to Wear Thigh Highs

Thigh Highs are a great hosiery style to wear for any occasion.

They are sexy for a date-night. But thigh highs are also great to wear everyday, even to work – as long as your skirt or dress is long enough to hide the top. And if you work in a cubicle or sit at a desk, it won’t matter if a little skin shows every now and then.

You might prefer wearing thigh highs all day over regular pantyhose. This is especially true if your job requires a lot of sitting.

When to NOT Wear Thigh Highs

This hosiery style may not be the best choice if you’re wearing a short skirt. You might be embarrassed if the stocking top or garter strap shows.

In addition, winter time may require more coverage to keep warm. It’s a personal preference, and up to you!  

Benefits of Wearing Thigh Highs

Some women say that once you try this style, you won’t want to go back to regular pantyhose – ever. They enjoy how sexy they feel, and how comfortable thigh highs can be.

Thigh highs lack tight material around the hips, making them breezy. This provides cooling in the right spots. Try stockings with a softer, wide band if top digs into thighs.

You can wear thigh highs with shapewear like a waist cincher or control panty to slim your hips and thighs. Control pantyhose help shape, so try different ways to wear them.

Thigh High Trends

Thigh highs are a timeless hosiery style. These are popular with women who love retro lingerie and pin-up girl looks. In fact, faux thigh high stockings have come into popularity.

These are full pantyhose with a pattern or design that gives the illusion of a thigh high style. The Great Gatsby movie highlighted trendy tights, like thigh highs.

Don’t forget the Burlesque stars who popularized thigh highs, such as Dita von Teese. She has a hosiery line featuring thigh highs.

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