Bras are more than just an undergarment. Even if you can only flaunt it in your home or bedroom, you should put more effort into choosing one. A sexy bra has the power to make you feel more confident and comfortable as well, no matter your body type. In fact, it should be a piece of clothing that every woman deserves to have, to look and feel fashionable.

Finding, and eventually wearing lingerie can be daunting. When you start shopping, you’re sure to come across a wide selection of bra sets. Like any other clothing piece, there are guides you may want to follow as well. Otherwise, you might wind up choosing the wrong bra which won’t even make it out of your closet. Particularly now, that people are spending more time at home than usual, so you should give yourself that treat of a sexy bra.

If you’re in the market for sexy bras, take note of these do’s and don’ts to guide you as you shop.

The Do’s

Before starting your search for that ideal sexy bra, remember these do’s before purchasing one:

1. Do Put Quality First

If you’re on the hunt for lace bralettes, and you’re not willing to splurge more on good-quality lace, you may not like to wear this bra at all. It’ll be itchy, uncomfortable, and its durability may not last long.

Sexy bras are usually made of very delicate material, such as silk or satin but at times even this kind of material makes you feel sweaty. So, in choosing sexy bras, it’s ideal to put quality and comfortability at the top of your list.

If you’re pinching pennies, you don’t have to leave yourself feeling deprived. You can still shop for good quality and pricier bras on a discount, you just need to wait for the sale season. You’ll never know, you might be able to hoard on bra styles, designs and colors that’ll exude a sexy feel at an affordable price.

2. Do Get Fitted By A Professional

Visit specialty lingerie shops where the sales associates are trained to fit customers Getting professionally fitted is an exceptional way in ensuring you get a bra piece that’s the best fit for you. It’s not about any standard numbers, but it’s about the measurement that would perfectly suit your exact size.

A bra that fits well shouldn’t have a gap at the cupping and a comfortable fit at the back, considering that the majority of your bra’s support comes from it.

3. Do Be True To Your Style

There’s nothing else sexier than staying true to your style. This gives you more confidence that you can rock the bra you’re wearing. Buying and wearing a bra that doesn’t conform to your style and comfortability would be a waste of money.

In buying a sexy bra, your choice should be based on your own preference and not on what you see on your favorite celebrities, magazines, or advertisements online. Always remember that their preference is not the same as yours. Prioritize your own style, color choice, print, and fabric options before choosing. Keep in mind that being comfortable with all the aspects of your choice radiates sexiness.

4. Do Fall In Love With Your Bra Pieces

Like your dresses and accessories, the more you love your chosen bra pieces, the sexier you’ll feel. This creates the desire to wear it every time because you really love wearing and not just because you’re obliged to.

Whatever bra pieces you have at home, fall in love with them. Believe that those bra pieces boost your confidence and emanate your inner sexiness.

The Don’ts

Don't Make These Lingerie Mistakes

Here are a couple of don’ts that you can use as a guide to prevent you from doing:

1. Don’t Be Too Concerned About The Numbers

Obviously, you’ll want your sexy bra to fit you perfectly. But not every lingerie shop may follow the exact same measurements. Especially when you’re shopping from international brands, they may have their own size charts.

When buying don’t get obsessed on numbers, prioritize on quality and comfort. For as long as you feel confident with what you’re wearing, you’ll definitely feel sexy.

2. Don’t Confuse Price With Quality

One of the do’s enumerated above emphasized the need for you to choose quality bra pieces. When you know you’re wearing a quality branded bra, there’s no denying that your confidence level may also increase. This feeling will make you feel even sexier.

Be aware that shouldn’t confuse price with quality. Higher price doesn’t necessarily connote quality. If you really take the time to search for bras, you may still be able to come across sexy and good-quality ones without breaking the bank. Take the time to read some reviews or ask your girlfriends for recommendation regarding sexy bras.

3. Don’t Have Any Visible Bra Colors Or Straps

When you go out, your bra isn’t meant to be shown. No matter how sexy your bra is, it’s inappropriate to be seen in the public. Be responsible and decent enough to know the right time and place to flaunt your undergarments, such as your sexy bras.

The bra is essentially a piece of clothing meant to be seen at home or in the bedroom. Be very particular on how you pair your bra with your dresses and clothing.

Apart from the color, you should always make sure that the straps are not exposed. If you’re planning to wear a thin-strapped dress, opt for strapless sexy bras instead.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’re aware of the proper guidelines when wearing lingerie, you should start feeling more confident about getting the right sexy bra. After considering the do’s and don’ts above, don’t forget your personal style, and preferences as well. When you’re confident in the bra you’re wearing, you’ll instantly feel sexier. Being sexy doesn’t always tantamount to what sexy bra you’re wearing, how sexy the color is, or what material was used, the most important factor will always be you, and your confidence in wearing whatever you prefer.

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