The world of fashion is a very unique and dynamic world. Lots of new ideas spring up every day, and sometimes, it can be hard to keep up. However, a part of it that is often overlooked is that of lingerie.

Every woman needs and loves cute lingerie. It makes you feel sexy and comfortable in your skin. However, it can be quite overwhelming as well. There are so many styles and models of undergarments to choose from that it can be hard to navigate them with little or no knowledge. Thus, many women make the mistake of buying lingerie that doesn’t fit them or that they don’t like.

What should you know before wearing lingerie? What do you need to know about buying them? How do you care for lingerie? Empress Mimi is here to answer these and many more questions.

Do: Buy the right bra size.

Buy the right bra size

With lingerie, the fit and size are probably the most important thing. Very often, people are so obsessed with the brand or designer that they forget to buy lingerie that fits. Wearing the right bra size can literally take your lingerie game from zero to a hundred. An ill-fitting bra can cause back pain, shoulder pain, and severe headaches.

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You can consider going to an expert to get fitted so that you can buy bras that are actually your size. It’ll save you a lot of stress. Alternatively, you can find out your measurements by yourself. You only need a tape measure and a booklet to record your measurements. Measure the widest part of your bust first to determine your cup size. Then measure the area around your ribcage where you clasp your bras. Subtract this number from the bust. A letter of the alphabet is given to the number you get from subtracting both areas. A is represented by 1, B by 2, C by 3, etc. For instance, if your bust is 45″ and your band is 41″, your size is 34D.

Don’t: Worry about or stress over your size.

As much as it is very important to buy lingerie that fits you, don’t overwhelm yourself by stressing over your size. Basically, it’s good to know your size, but absolutely unhealthy for you to obsess over it. Your bra size is just another number, but your comfort is important.

Choose lingerie based on your current size or what you currently look like. Don’t choose lingerie with a view of what you aspire to look like. Most times, you end up purchasing tight lingerie instead. You don’t have to squeeze yourself into it just because you like it. You need to prioritize comfort. Wear what feels best on you!

Do: Put quality first.

The quality of your underwear matters greatly. Choose high quality fabrics. Avoid fabrics that are tight, restrictive, and aren’t breathable. The best kind of fabric for lingerie is cotton. This is why they’re mostly lined with cotton.

At the same time, do not forget about other kinds of fabrics. Wear beautiful lace and silks, special designs, and flirty underwear. Explore! Lingerie has no rules, so if you’re not ready yet, you don’t have to start wearing teddies and strappy garters. Enjoy the coverage provided by a bra, camisole, or bodysuit initially  while becoming a bit daring with color and texture.

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Don’t: Confuse cost with quality.

Generally, one major rule of buying fashion items is never to assume that the more expensive an item, the better quality it has. The only reason why some brands are so expensive is because of branding and marketing, not necessarily because the products are of high quality.

Instead of buying bras because they’re expensive, buy a bra with an underband that feels firm and supportive around your body. It may not support your entire bust, but the shoulder straps should feel stable.

Although there are many different prices for high-quality lingerie, it’s crucial to remember that you wear a bra and underwear every day, so it’s worth investing a little more. Your comfort and satisfaction are worth it.

Do: Love your lingerie

Love your lingerie

For utmost confidence, love your lingerie. Take good care of your underwear. Always handwash your panties and bras or put them in a wash bag. This guarantees that they’ll look and last longer. Washing your underwear in the washing machine puts a lot of pressure on the fabric and can make it less durable.

Also, don’t use bleach or any harsh chemicals that can destroy your lingerie.

Soak your undergarments in water, fabric softener, and mild detergent when you can. Hand wash, then dry flat. After drying, you can put your underwear in the dryer in a cool setting to fluff it back up. Always follow the washing directions to increase the longevity of your lingerie clothes.

Don’t: Be afraid to express your individuality.

Be afraid to express your individuality

Do not be afraid to express your sense of style with your lingerie. What are the things you like? What are the fashion tips that suit you? Express them even while wearing lingerie. Wear colors that suit your skin tones. A woman with a warm skin tone looks excellent in warmer colors like burnt orange, burgundy, and dark green. Primary colors are appropriate for spring, while pastels look wonderful on cool skin tones. Dark colors look good during the winter.

Experiment with different styles, colors, and types of lingerie. Mix and match with your outfits to get various amazing combinations. Accessorize your look with belts, jewelry, makeup, and anything you want really. As long as you feel exquisite, you’re good to go.

Finally, exude confidence in what you wear. What you wear on your body is an expression of who you are and what you want to project to the outside world. Therefore, take utmost care of your lingerie!

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