We overhear random strangers’ conversations every day. Normally, they are about the weather, complaints or someone complaining about the weather but I recently heard part of a different one. (I wasn’t eavesdropping, I swear.) I was out shopping and I heard two girls who were in their twenties talking. I only heard a few lines of the convo, including when one girl said in a slightly shocked tone, ”Does anyone actually wear thongs anymore?” I was surprised by the outburst and her friend seemed a bit taken back by the reaction and I don’t think it was because this conversation took place in the makeup aisle of a drugstore. I think it had to do with her friend’s seemingly unpopular opinion about thong underwear.

It got me thinking, not just about what underwear I had put on that day, but about the popularity of thongs. I know Sisqo‘s “Thong Song” was released a long time ago but I didn’t think that thongs had gone the way of chopines and become an extinct fashion trend. High-waisted panties are having a major moment but Victoria’s Secret carries enough thongs to make me think that a good portion of the general public are still buying them.

Thongs have always been one of those love-or-hate clothing items. There are those who love them and almost exclusively wear them. They say the haters don’t know what they’re talking about. If you find the right one, they are so comfortable. And of course, there are no awkward panty lines. The anti-thong crowd says, “They feel like a permanent wedgie, and who wants a piece of fabric sandwiched between their butt cheeks for the entire day?” However, some people in the anti-thong camp will probably reluctantly put one on if they don’t want that distinct elastic panty line cutting through their pants.

What camp do you fall in? Do you love thongs or do you hate them? If you don’t wear thongs, how do you avoid VPL? Do you not give two craps about them or do you go commando? Also, if you have found a brand whose underwear you love, feel free to share that too.

I wear thongs and I don’t mind them. Some are more comfortable than others but if you get the right size and search for a style you like, I find they’re like any other type of underwear. I wear a variety of underwear styles but if I’m wearing leggings or anything that might show a panty line, I’ll choose a thong. There are boyshorts that are seam-free but I prefer a thong. Sometimes you can still see a seam-free full-back or they just feel too bulky under certain pieces.

Do love thongs or loathe them? Do you wear thongs? If not, what do you wear to avoid visible panty lines? Let us know in the comments.


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