If you’re not into showing off your naked areolae, this is the PG-13 way to do things. Exposing your bra is easier to pull off than showcasing your nipples without making it look like an accidental wardrobe malfunction. Before you put on your jazziest bra and head out the door, there are few important things to consider. If you decide to go sans shirt, whether you’ll have to consider whether you will still be allowed in places which have a “no shoes, no shirt, no service” policy. (Would you classify a bra as a top?)

Here are the dos and don’t for showing off your bra in public:

1. Do make sure your bra fits

If you’re going to show off your bra, you want people to be looking at the pretty design, not your cups that runneth over. Take a look at these hacks to ensure you have a proper fit. Or you can go buy one of these perfect fitting bras.

2. Do pick the right occasion

There’s a time and a place for wearing a visible bra. Unless you work in a very open office, it’s best to keep your bra covered at work. Meeting the US Ambassador to Kuwait isn’t an appropriate situation either. Sorry, Kim Kardashian.

3. Do make sure you’re wearing a proper bra

Showing off your nipple pasties doesn’t have the same results as showing off a regular bra.

4. Do make it look intentional

You don’t want people wondering, “do you think she knows we can see her bra?” If you’re going for the visible bra look, commit to it!

5. Do layer

If you don’t want your look to say, “HERE IS MY BRA!” try layering a thin t-shirt or low cut dress over your bra, or come up with your own creative way to style your bra.

6. Don’t wear your bra as a top

Unless you are at Coachella or the beach, it is difficult for us normals to pull off wearing just bras and no shirt.

7. Do try a lace top

A sweet bra peeking out from under a bit of floral lace is better than showing off a nude-colored tank top that doesn’t match your skin.

8. Do try a colorful bra

You paid all that money for that pretty two-tone bra, so show the darn thing off.

9. Don’t wear a nude one

It doesn’t matter whether it matches your skin tone or not, it will just look strange and people will be talking about why you don’t have nipples.

10. Do try a dark bra under a light top

We can thank Carrie Bradshaw for making it cool, and not just for ladies of the night.

11. Don’t wear a light bra under a dark top

This always looks like an accident.

12. Do go matchy-matchy

Matching your bra to your top makes you look surprisingly pulled together. Tip: stick with black or white since it’s hard to Pantone match pinks and blues.

13. Don’t wear a see-through bra under a sheer shirt

Why even bother with the layers of clothing? Just go topless. #FreeTheNipple

14. Do expose a little bit of trim

Try a low-cut top with a fuller coverage bra and keep a smidgen of lace visible at the top. It can be as sexy as showing off the entire bra.

15. Don’t forget about the sides or back

The cups don’t have to always be the focal point. If your bra has a criss-cross back or lacy sides, reveal them.

16. Do show off your straps

Forget about all those uncomfortable convertible bras, and wear your regular bra with that halter top. It’s soooooo much easier.

17. Do try a bandeau

It may not technically be classified as a bra, but it gives you the same look.

18. Don’t show off your old “it’s laundry day” bra

Shame on you for not throwing that thing out a long time ago.

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