Fall is the season of changing leaves, pumpkin everything, and back-to-school. When it comes to fashion, it’s also the season of tights! When the temperatures begin to plummet and you aren’t ready to give up your skirts, dresses, and shorts, you can put on a pair of tights and you’ll be able to wear them long into the season. Plain black tights are a wardrobe staple that everyone should have, but wearing the same pair of tights every single day can get boring. That’s where patterned tights come in. They add visual interest to your outfit and are just as comfortable as your plain ones. Another bonus? It’s not as obvious when you get a run in them.

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Add some interest to your fall wardrobe with these patterned tights:

1. Plaid Sweater Tights ($16, Urban Outfitters)

Urban Outfitters Plaid Sweater Tights.

Dress up an all-black outfit with these striking plaid tights. Don’t be scared about the berry hue. It is not like they’re neon yellow with lime green stripes.

2. Pretty Polly Semi-Sheer Argyle Tights ($48, Revolve Clothing)

Pretty Polly Semi Sheer Argyle Tights

Add a hint of prep school chic to your look with these argyle tights. Just avoid wearing them with a plaid mini skirt and a cropped white blouse.

3. Tribal Pattern Fishnet Tights ($7.90, Forever 21)

Forever 21 Tribal Fishnet Tights

Don’t say that you don’t like fishnet tights until you’ve seen all of the different types you can get. This tribal patterned pair is very different from the regular black fishnet tights.

4. Plus Size A Tale Of New Nights ($20.99, ModCloth)

ModCloth A Tale Of New Tights

Are you always admiring all the vintage-inspired toile fabrics when you go to decorating shops? You’ll be pleased to know that you can get that same classic pattern in a pair of tights. It’s up to you if you want to match your pillows to your new hosiery.

5. Sheer Luxe Zigzag Shapes Pantyhose ($13, American Apparel)

ModCloth A Tale Of New Tights

If you’re worried about all-over patterned tights being overwhelming, start off with these ones. The sheer white stockings have a zigzag pattern down the side of the legs for some added interest.

6. Westend Lace Cuff Tights ($20, Free People)

American American Sheer Zig Zag Tights

Here’s another interesting take on printed tights. If you like stockings but hate how they’re always slipping down your legs, these patterned tights create the illusion that you’re wearing delicate lace stockings.

7. Plus Size Dotted Tights ($14.99, H&M)

Free People Westend Lace Cuff Tights

Everyone should have at least one pair of dotted tights in their drawer. Depending on the size of the dot, they can be as subtle as a plain pair. These sheer black ones will work with almost anything in your wardrobe.

8. Ice Cream Cone Tights ($16, Unique Vintage)

H&M Plus Size Dotted Tights

Look closely and you will see that those are little ice cream cones on the tights. How cute is that? If one ice cream-themed piece isn’t enough for, pair your tights with one of these.

9. Gipsy Cotton Ivy Over The Knee Tights ($20, ASOS)

Unique Vintage Ice Cream Tights

If you prefer delicate patterns to graphic prints, these ivy tights should please you. Wear them with a light dress to bring out the white ivy design.

10. Hue Opaque Plaid Tights ($15, Macy’s)

Gipsy Cotton Ivy Over The Knee Tights

These bold red tights can work with whatever your mood or style. Pair them with your favorite ’90s piece for a grunge look or channel Blair Waldorf with a skater dress and a headband.

11. Feeder Stripe Tights ($16.95, Gap)

Macys Hue Plaid Tights

These subtle gold and black tights are another easy-to-pull-off styles. Try them with a pair of metallic gold shoes to enhance the zigzag pattern.

12. Chelsea28 Hex Floral Lace Tights ($18, Nordstrom)

Nordstrom Chelsea Floral Tights

These burgundy tights are almost as versatile as black but they bring out your tanned summer legs better. The medallion pattern is another interesting take on the traditional fishnet.

13. Tights With Dinosaur Over The Knee Design ($14.50, ASOS)

ASOS Dinosaur Tights

Leopard print tights are common but I bet you haven’t seen a pair with dinosaurs on them before. The black color scheme and the stocking bottom keep them from looking too kiddish.

14. Wolford Laisa Tights ($58, Shopbop)

Wolford Laisa Tights

From far away, it’s easy to think that these semi-sheer tights are a solid black but they actually have a subtle chevron stripe design. Wear them with your favorite midi skirt to work.

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