A Guide To The Bras That Work Under All Tricky Necklines

We have our t-shirt bras for our t-shirts, our plunging bras for our deep V-necklines, and our nude bras for those semi-sheer shirts. But what do you wear with dresses and tops that have complicated necklines and backs that don’t even work with your strapless 5-way bra and you don’t want to go braless? As trendy as it is to rock an exposed bra, sometimes you want to keep it hidden. “Invisible” clear bra straps aren’t the solution.

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Check out the bras that work for those tricky clothing styles:

1. For low-back dresses:

Max C London Stripe Dress With Low Back
(Max C London Stripe Dress With Low Back, $45, ASOS)

When a dress has a low back, sometimes you can pull your regular bra down far enough so you can’t see it. When that doesn’t work, try a low-back bra converter such as Fashion First Aid Low Expectations Low Back Converter, $8.95, Amazon. You attach it to a regular bra at the back and wrap it around your stomach and it lowers your bra a few more inches.

2. For racerback styles:

For plunging-necklines
(Strappy Maxi Dress, $29.90, Forever 21)

You probably have at least one three-way bra in your lingerie drawer that converts into a racerback style, but if you don’t, you can use a clip to convert your regular bra. Try Hollywood Bra Converting Clip, $8.79, Walmart. It works great for sleeveless dresses that always expose a bit of bra strap when you move around. For really wide racerbacks, stick with strapless bras.

3. For plunging necklines:

Forever 21 Strappy Maxi Dress
(Strappy Maxi Dress, $29.90, Forever 21)

If you want to show a bit of cleavage, but don’t want to expose your bra, a U-shaped plunging bra such as Nordstrom Intimates U-Plunge Backless Strapless Bra, $36, Nordstrom, is the solution. The long-line bra is cut so it works with necklines that go to your sternum.

4. For backless styles:

Missguided Slinky Low Back Strappy Midi Dress
(Slinky Low-Back Strappy Midi Dress, $24, Missguided)

Sometimes a low-back bra still isn’t enough. When you have a dress or a top with a really low back, a stick-on bra is your best option. Stick-on bras like a Lingerie Solutions Backless Strapless Bra, $18.99, Target, have adhesive tape that keeps your bra secure. This one has an underwire to provide a bit of extra support.

5. For cutout styles or pieces with low fronts and backs:

Slinky Cross-Front Halterneck Cutout Dress, Missguided

For those “I bought this dress but have no idea what sort of bra I can wear under it” moments, you need a strapless and backless bra where the cups aren’t attached. Individual stick-on bra pads are the way to go. Fashion Forms Ultimate Boost Adhesive Bra, $15, Bare Necessities, may stretch the definition of “bra” but they give you more support, thanks to pad bumps, and coverage than going without a bra.

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