Kilts For Women – Durable And Smart Dressing

Have you seen those lovely kilts that are worn by the Scots? We are sure even if you have not seen a person wearing a kilt in real life, you may have seen pictures of one. The lovely plaid and tartan kilts with their checked patterns in bright and lovely colors are eye-catching and really look distinctive. You must know that kilts are mostly worn by Scots men, and these are based on their clans and the specific patterns that belong to the clan. However, the truth is that kilts are skirts and look very smart on women too. We would say that kilts would look lovely on young lasses and should be among the beautiful skirts that every woman should try.

Kilts For Women

Just like corduroy skirts, a smart but casual way to dress, kilts also look both casual and smart. While it is normally believed that any experiments with fashion are better done at a young age, and this would definitely feature among pretty teen fashion outfits, this does not mean that kilts can be worn by ladies who are more mature.

Here Are Some Reasons That You Should Definitely Consider Wearing Kilts

Are woman allowed to wear kilts?

Checks are classic

The thing is kilts, in most instances, have checks or stripes on them, which are classic. While checks and striped patterns are considered masculine patterns, they work really well on women, too, as these patterns are considered classic. In most instances, you cannot go wrong when you wear a kilt with striped or checked patterns with a nice top. The same outfit can look playful or serious or even studious or flirtatious, depending on how you wear it.

Is there a difference between a kilt and a skirt?

They fit well

Kilts are made of thick tartan plaids, and this may seem to translate into bulky skirts. What is more, these skirts are pleated too, but you would be surprised to see how well they fit in spite of these two factors. This is because most kilts tend to have a straight fitting and not a flared fitting, though this is something that you can go for if you want.

Is there a difference between mens and womens kilts?

Can be of any length

Many girls and women like skirts of a particular length, and no matter what kind of style their skirt is, they tend to be comfortable with that length or that range of length. When it comes to kilts, you can rest assured that they look good in any length, provided the kilt is well cut and stitched. You can actually wear kilts of different lengths depending on the occasion for which you are wearing them.

Kilt length for height

Much to choose from

We all like it if a particular outfit offers a lot of choices, and this applies to kilts too. We are sure that from the above points, you would have gathered that when it comes to choices about the length of the skirt, the fit of the skirt or the type of pleats, or the kind of pattern that can be used on kilts, there is plenty to pick from.

How long should a women's kilt be?

One of the classic combinations that are not worn with kilts is to combine it with a plain white top or shirt, though you can add a few ruffles or lace to the top if you want. Along with the kilt and the plain light-colored top, you can also have long boots, usually in black, to make an unbeatable combination. This combination can be tweaked to look absolutely formal or simply casual, or absolutely frivolous, depending on which way you want the outfit to go. We are sure this article will leave you with plenty of ideas to try with kilts.

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