12 Pairs Of Wide Leg Pants For People Who Are Sick Of Skinnies

What goes around comes around, and this is especially true when it comes to fashion trends. While we love our skinny jeans, we are super excited that wide-leg jeans are back in style!

We intend to fully embrace this trend and have already started to scope out some of our favorite wide-leg jeans, which we’ve narrowed down to the twelve in this post. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts about this trend, so tell us what you think in the comments below. Happy Shopping!

Is anyone else completely over skinny jeans? Every time I walk into one of my go-to stores and see that every pair of pants on display requires skillful shimmying just to get into them, I have a long, heavy sigh. They look awesome on some people, of course, and they work really well with boots, but I can’t be the only one who’s ready to mix things up.

If you too are in the market for some options with wider legs, I’ve selflessly gone on a three-hour online shopping binge just to help you out. Here are 12 pairs of pants for those of us who are ready to move on from the skinnies.

1. Ikat Print Wide-Leg Trousers

Praise be to whoever came up with the idea to popularize comfy pants. I’m a fan of any style that lets me feel like I’m wearing sweats while making me look like I still tried. These aren’t the world’s most versatile pieces, but I feel like they would pair well with bright pops of color (I’m thinking yellow? Maybe the right purple?) or just black and white.

2. Patterned Trousers

As much as I’m sick of skinny jeans, I really like this style of cropped, straight-leg pants. It gives off the same kind of silhouette but allows you a little more room to move around. The pattern on these is really cute, too.

3. Chinos

I don’t even care. I love chinos. I love mustard. I love these mustard chinos. I maybe wouldn’t wear them rolled up at the bottom like H&M styled them here, but it’s still a cool look.

4. Ease are the Days Jeans

I love how Modcloth makes plus-size options that don’t suck, and these jeans are a good example of that. (I do have to wonder where her one arm went, though. In the picture on the left? Is she okay?)

5. Mid-Rise Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

mid-rise distressed boyfriend jeans

Forever jealous of people who look good in boyfriend jeans. They don’t work on my shape, but I love the way they look at people who know how to rock them. These are cheap, cute, and look like they’re just begging you to show off your heels.

6. Tangier Palazzo Pant

Again with the comfy pants! These are basically pajamas, but people will think you’re a free-spirited artist type instead of someone who just rolled out of bed. Pair them with the right shoes and accessories, and you’ll be able to convince people that you’re both effortless and fashion-conscious. So much better than having tight denim around your calves.

7. Boyfriend Denim

I’ve been obsessed with Target’s clothes since high school, but they still find ways to surprise me. I continue to be shocked every time I find a pair of pants there that I actually like better than their expensive counterparts.

8. Cuddle Up Flares

The clothes at Free People aren’t exactly representative of what most people are wearing in their day today, but I’m still excited to see flared pants in a popular store again. Let’s bring them back! Let’s make them undorky again!

9. Beaded Pants

These are kind of perfect for anyone who a) wants to get into the drop-crotch style without looking like an idiotic Justin Bieber, b) wants to sort of keep the skinny leg look without cutting off their calf circulation, and c) wants to wear fancy beaded pants like a stylish grandma. I love them.

10. Crisp and Casual Friday Pants

Is it 2004? I owned like 10 pairs of pants exactly like these back in high school, but I’m oddly ready to see them come back. Let’s all start dressing like we’re waiting for the next episode of Laguna Beach to come on again. Please?

11. Pilcro Hyphen Embroidered Chinos

I don’t personally have a hundred bucks lying around, but if you do, I need you to do me a favor and buy these pants. You’ll look like a sexy French chick who’s on her way to buy a baguette and spread fancy cheese on it.

12. Levi’s 580 Bootcut Jeans

The frills and the beads and the patterns on the rest of this list are fun, but sometimes you just need a solid, classic pair of pants. When Kohl’s isn’t busy getting themselves into trouble for accidentally selling fur, they’re selling jeans that don’t suck.

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