Denim Rules

Your favorite Hollywood stars in their everyday life look comfortable and chic in denim shorts, trousers, and cropped jackets. Get inspired on how to wear the ultimate fabric in different combinations and styles for a cool spring look!

Fact: Unless you are a supermodel, not all kinds of jeans will fit you. Even if it looks good on the mannequin, chances are it can make you look fatter or frumpier. So if you want to flatter your figure, make sure to follow these rules on choosing the best jeans for your body.


Choosing the Best Jeans for your Body

You are one of the luckiest girls in the world because you have curves at the right places. Accentuate your balanced frame by choosing skinny jeans.


wide fit jeans

If you have a big chest, wide-leg or bootcut pants can balance your look. Any of these styles will lessen the ‘weight’ on your upper half.


Choosing the Best Jeans for your Body: boot leg pants

If you are blessed with a chunky rear, hips, and legs, stay away from jeans that can shorten your legs (i.e., high-waisted styles.) Create an illusion of length by choosing slim bootleg jeans.


wide leg pants

Even if you have a thicker waistline, you can make it go away with wide-leg or straight-leg pants. Any of these can accentuate your curves without bringing too much attention to your midsection.


Best jeans for body type

Make your curves instead of your muscles come out with flared jeans. With this design, you can uncover the sexiness that lies beneath you.


Best jeans for body type female: skinny jeans

Are you too thin to have curves? Don’t worry, as skinny jeans can give you the curvature you are looking for. Pair it with form-fitting tops for an instant sexy look.

Curvy or Plus-Size

High waist big tummy jeans

Congratulations, you are blessed with balanced curves! But with the wrong pants, you can end up looking heftier. Avoid this by picking high-waisted pants, which can trim your midsection.

Another good choice is boot-cut pants, as they can balance the weight you have at your upper and lower halves.


skinny jeans petite

The best things come in small packages, they say. Your petite figure gives you the license to wear any type of jeans, but for best results, pick one that lengthens your legs. Add height to your frame by sporting long, super skinny jeans.


flare jeans tall

Height is, might they say, and it holds true for denim selection. With a tall frame, you can look great with any style. But if you want the best look, go for flare jeans or boot cuts.

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