Remember that jeans aren’t the only style to be made out of denim. Just like blue isn’t the only color option. Sometimes it’s easy to think that blue skinny jeans are the only type of denim piece, but they’re not. There are lots of different pieces made in everyone’s favorite fabric, from dresses to tops and even accessories. You might be tempted to avoid denim after some of the awkward ways we wore it in the 2000s, but as long as you don’t rock a denim cowboy hat like Justin Timberlake did, you should be fine.

Swap your regular jeans for these 13 denim pieces:

1. Curve Denim Shift Dress With Buckle Straps ($63, ASOS)

ASOS Curve Denim Buckle Dress

This denim dress has the same buckle straps as your overalls, but the mini dress silhouette is more feminine and less utilitarian. Wear it with bare legs now and with tights when it gets cold.

2. Denim Cropped Top ($39.99, Banana Republic)

Banana Republic Denim Cropped Top

Looking for a crop top that will take you from summer into fall? This denim one is longer than the usual ab-baring styles, but it is shorter than your regular top. When it gets really cold, you can wear a long sleeve top underneath.

3. Flowing Denim Skirt ($39.90, Zara)

Zara Flowing Denim SKirt

Forget about the short denim miniskirts with frayed hems from the 2000s. The latest denim skirt styles are longer and more polished. The side button detail on this one is a unique touch.

4. Free People Long-Sleeved Hooded Denim Jacket ($89.99, Macy’s)

Macy's Free People Denim Jacket

If you’re not a big fan of trench coats, try this mixed-fabric jacket for fall. You don’t have to worry about what tops work under what jackets or bulky seams with this layered look of denim and a knit jacket.

5. Petite Moto Cutout Culotte Jumpsuit ($85, Topshop)

Topshop Culotte Cutout Jumpsuit

This has almost every hot fashion trend in one piece, but it doesn’t look ridiculously trendy. You’ve got culotte pants, cutouts, a crop top look, and it is a jumpsuit.

6. 1969 Tencel Denim Jogger Pants ($59.95, Gap)

These pants combine everyone’s two favorite styles: denim jeans and sweatpants. Never has a match been more perfect. The joggers are made out of a lightweight Tencel fabric, so they’re comfortable and breezy and not at all stiff.

7. Soludos Mexican Embroidered Espadrilles ($65, Revolve Clothing)

You can get pretty much anything in denim if you just shop around. These denim espadrilles are proof of that. Wear them with white pants to make the intricate embroidery pop.

8. Denim A-Line Shirt Dress ($73, ASOS)

When you first look at this, you probably don’t think that this is denim, but it is. The rust color with gold buttons is perfect for fall. Who wants a wardrobe full of only blue denim?

9. Denim Pajama Shirt Jacket ($219, J.Crew)

Pajama dressing is a tricky trend that remains popular with the fashion crowd. If you want to try it but are worried about the traditional silk styles looking too much like actual pajamas, try this denim jacket.

10. Soft Denim Top ($19.99, Mango)

How many white tank tops do you own? Do you even want to think about it? It’s time to switch things up with this denim one. Layer it like you would your other basic tank tops.

11. Kenzo Denim Tote Bag ($225, Shopbop)

Leather and denim are an unbeatable combination. Not only are they both durable fabrics, but they also look great together. You can throw whatever you want in this bag, and it will hold up.

12. Medium Denim Gilet ($21.99, Violeta)

Swap your denim jacket for a denim vest. You can wear the wardrobe staple with almost anything throughout the year.

13. Chambray Ole Top ($49.99, ModCloth)

Everyone should have at least one denim shirt in their wardrobe. The subtle polka dot pattern on this one adds a feminine touch to the classic button-down.


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