Style Advice: Tips To Maintain Denim, How To Wear The '60s Trend, Easy Updates For Button-Down Shirts
Style Advice: Tips To Maintain Denim, How To Wear The ’60s Trend, Easy Updates For Button-Down Shirts

Today’s installment tackles ’60s fashion, denim maintenance, and how to reinvent the white shirt.

What’s the best way for me to get in on the ’60s trend? —Olu

Of all the eras that have resurfaced of late, the Seismic Sixties is my hands-down favorite (sorry, ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s). Fashion wasn’t just about the art then; it also reflected the monumental social movements of the time, including second-wave feminism and protests for civil rights and against the war in Vietnam.

Culottes and shift dresses earned their stripes during the decade, as did the A-line miniskirt and go-go boots. But the 2015 way to flirt with the trend is with a pair of bell-bottom trousers. The pants, easily identifiable thanks to their distinct flare, aren’t just rendered in denim version anymore, either.

There are leather and velvet styles currently on the market, in addition to cotton and wool versions. To bring the pants up to date, simply pair them with a fitted crew-neck sweater, boxy cropped jacket, and graphic T-shirt. And although flats are definitely still having a moment, these trousers call for a major platform heel for an extra lift.

How do I keep my dark-washed jeans from fading? —Nadia

You must have been reading my mind because there’s no better time to be a denim obsessive than right now—brands have really stepped up their games to introduce new silhouettes with details that fit virtually any lifestyle.

I reached out to the pros at 7 For All Mankind for some insider intel. “When washing, turn them inside out and wash in cold water on a gentle cycle,” Jennifer De Clark, 7FAM’s Senior Director of Women’s Merchandising, says. You’ve probably heard that advice before, but there’s a reason why it’s golden: When your jeans are in the washer, the drum (the spinning section of the machine where you load the clothes into) can cause lingering indigo dye from the outside of the fibers rub off. So turning ’em inside out can go a long way to extend the life (and look!) of your jeans. Jill Guenza, Vice President of Levi’s Global Women’s Design, agrees and also suggests mixing white vinegar in with your cold water. “The vinegar acts as a fixative and slows down the fading process.”

Oh, and one last thing says De Clark: “Skip the dryer!”

I have some chambray and white boyfriend button-downs in my closet, and they’re feeling a little stale. What are some fresh ways to wear them this fall? —Sarah

During the fall, I love to layer my dress shirts over a long-sleeved T-shirt (J.Crew and Uniqlo are my go-to’s) and fasten only the top two or three buttons. It’s a small tweak that pays serious style dividends. The contrast of a deep cobalt blue or bold jewel-toned tee is an unexpected balance against a button-down in traditional colors and finishes like white and chambray. And if you really want to up the ante, swap a solid-colored undershirt for one with a graphic print.

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