Street Wear Inspired Denim Trends

The time has come for the season of covering up our legs, necks, hands and wrapping ourselves in layers of clothing. What’s more better than getting inspiration from street styles? The cold season is one of the many rare times I will personally be inclined to take the jeans out of my drawers to escape the cold weather. Matching it with Denim and Fur, perhaps? Usually with a coat, but then again, there are so many ways to match denim, especially with more layers.

I used to think there were only such a thing as blue jeans when it came to denim. However, we can’t forget the different colored, patterned, styled jeans. The range of shapes and sizes, designs, and matches denim can satisfy. It’s endless. The warm match is coats and jeans, and add a scarf, beanie, and gloves for a full head to toe of style. Fall and Winter is the perfect time to really show colors to brighten any day.

Now is the time to really embrace the denim on denim, as I like to call it. There is finally every reason to wear the same pair of jeans four days in a row, which may I add has not been achieved by myself, but you can probably easily do it.

Since there are so many ways to match a pair of jeans, they are the underwear of denim, which is an over-exaggeration, but since it’s such a basic piece of clothing, I think the analogy is suitable.

I have always had a fascination with the popularity of jeans. If you walk on the streets and count the amount of people wearing jeans, you would probably be up to 100 in the next half an hour. The fabric has a way of keeping the heat and feeling of warmth in winter and a way of creating a breathable and comfortable wear for spring.

Who knew leopard prints and denim matched so well? I’m not sure whether it’s just one of those things certain people pull off really well, or I’ve never tried it and just don’t know. Just like Jeans, I’m pretty sure there are so many types of Jeans to fit any person.

Fashion has a way of pleasing anyone through the creation of how we want to appear to others and to ourselves, how we want to reflect our personalities, or even how we want others to perceive it.

Denim in itself is the simplest form of self-expression in style. This is highly popular in streetwear, and the way people wear it shows what people are being inspired by or what people want to express.

The next time I walk in my jeans, I won’t be shy about mixing them up a little. Whether with the leopard prints, denim trench coat, denim overall, or jacket.

Fashion is confidence and expressing yourself. It’s about wearing what you’re comfortable in. Jeans have always made me feel comfortable; they are the safe option and the daring option. They are the formal option and the adventurous option. Time to dig out and put on those jeans in your drawer, perhaps?

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