Most Common Jean and Denim Mistakes

Denim accounts for a huge percentage of our wardrobes. Just think about how many different pairs of jeans you own. If you could wear jeans every day, you definitely would. Even though we live in denim, that doesn’t mean that we have it all figured out. No way. You may not have made as big of a mistake as Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears‘ infamous head-to-toe denim outfits but you have definitely learned the hard way thanks to some of your jean mishaps.

These are the denim mistakes that everyone has made:

1. Thinking that sequins, contrasting stitching, rhinestones and embroidery make your jeans fancy enough for any occasion.

You understood that you couldn’t get away with your regular blue jeans at some formal occasions but you thought there was nothing wrong with wearing jeans with embellishment on them to formal events. Sequins and embroidered flowers equals fancy, right? Therefore you thought they were perfectly appropriate.

2. Deciding to buy a pair of jeans one size too small because they always stretch out.

There is nothing worse than saggy jeans. You loathe them. Therefore you decided to buy a pair of jeans in the next size down so you won’t get the dreaded saggy bum and knees. Even the sales associate told you it was a good idea. The jeans are still in your closet with the tags on because you can’t get them passed your knees.

3. Believing that the more whiskers on your jeans are better.

You genuinely believed that whiskering on jeans was flattering, especially if it was combined with a bit of sandblasting. You thought that it created an illusion. You weren’t exactly sure what the illusion was, but illusions are always good so you made sure to buy a pair of jeans that was 90% whiskering and 10% regular blue jeans.

4. Thinking that the gaping back in your jeans can be solved with a belt.

Who cares that you could stick two fists down the back of your pants? They fit everywhere else. All you had to do was put a belt on and it would rectify the situation. The first time you bent down while wearing the belt, you realized the problem was still very real.

5. Assuming that all high-waisted jeans are flattering.

You’ve seen celebrities look amazing in high-waisted jeans and wanted to get yourself a pair. You didn’t realize that there were different rises in high-waisted jeans and some of them are definitely more mom than modern.

6. Buying a pair of jeans so low that if you bend your knees slightly, there is a high chance your butt will come out.

You blame the 2000’s but it was you who purchased the super low-rise jeans. You figured there was no such thing as too low jeans otherwise they wouldn’t sell them. You were wrong. Your jeans were so low that they were a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen.

7. Thinking that you don’t need to hem your jeans because they aren’t that long.

You get your jeans hemmed when they are obviously too long but no one is going to notice if they’re one or two inches too long. Your shoes would make them the perfect length. After a few weeks, the hems of your jeans were ragged and muddy and people were constantly stepping on the frayed tails.

8. Purchasing jeans that are so tight that you can’t bend your legs because you think it’s trendy.

Somewhere along the way, you thought skinny jeans were the same as so-tight-that-I-cannot-feel-the-circulation-in-my-calves jeans. You figured they had a bit of spandex so they would be comfortable. It didn’t matter that your legs were purple when you took them off.

9. Wearing a pair of jeans after the zipper busted and thinking that no one will notice.

Why are you going to throw out a perfectly good pair of jeans just because the fly is busted? You made them your jeans you wear with longer tops. The problem was your tops covered your fly when you were standing still but not when you were moving around.

10. Attempting to use those tiny pockets you can barely stick half a finger in to hold all of your stuff.

If they put pockets on your jeans, they are obviously meant to be used. It’s only logical. You put your lip balm, keys, some money, and a hair tie in your pocket and couldn’t believe that they were gone a few hours later. How could they possibly fall out? They were in that two-inch pocket.

11. Figuring that you can tuck any style of jeans into your boots, including wide-leg ones.

Your skinny jeans can be tucked into boots, so why can’t all your other styles? It took a few tries but you developed a method of folding and pleating the fabric at the hem to get it all inside your boots. You were left with a balloon of denim on top but you thought that added to your look.

12. Not realizing the difference between distressed jeans and jeans that are falling apart.

You used to think that distressed jeans were anything that still had two legs and could be done up. It didn’t matter if the jeans were mostly rags and 80% of your legs were visible. You have since changed that definition.

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