Shopping Guide: Colored Jeans

Looking for something different than your regular blue jeans? Try denim in different colors from brights to pastels.

Blue jeans are a classic. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to stick with blue jeans 100% of the time. There are lots of other options, and we aren’t just talking about white or black denim. You can find everything from brights to pastels. They add an interesting twist to your outfit but are still in the same stretchy fabric you love. If you are a blue denim addict, you can try wearing your colored jeans with a chambray shirt or a denim jacket for a new twist on the Canadian Tuxedo.

Take a look at 13 pairs of colored jeans that will add some interest to your closet:

1. Super Skinny High Jegging in Plum ($19.99, H&M)

Colored Denim: Super Skinny High Jegging in Plum

These skinny plum jeans are perfect for fall. Wear them with other autumnal hues such as royal purple, navy, or even chocolate brown. You don’t have to worry about awkward pocket bags sticking out thanks to the mock pockets on the front.

2. Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans in Turquoise ($14.90, Forever 21)

Forever 21 Turquoise Skinny Jeans

Come on, this turquoise pair isn’t drastically different from your usual blue skinnies. You also can’t be the price. You can try another color such as the red or pink and still stay within budget.

3. Easy Jeans in Camel ($78, American Apparel)

American Apparel Camel Easy Jeans

Yup, these camel pants are made out of denim. You could almost try wearing them to work. If your boss says anything, explain that you definitely aren’t wearing jeans to the office, you are in a pair of slim camel-colored trousers.

4. MOTO Khaki Joni Jeans ($70, Topshop)

Topshop MOTO Khaki Joni Jeans

These skinny jeans don’t look like the baggy khakis with the side pockets that guys like to wear on casual Fridays. The neutral color makes them as versatile as your trusty old blue pair.

5. Jeggings in Dusty Pink ($58.50, Torrid)

Torrid Jegging - Dusty Pink Wash

Pastel clothes were all over the London Fashion Week runways. These dusty pink jeans would look great paired with the darker sweaters and blouses in your closet. Try wearing them with a tucked-in shirt to show off the three-button waistband.

6. Sculpt Me Ankle Grazer Skinny Jeans in Ash Green ($63, ASOS)

ASOS Ash Green Jeans

If you are going to have trouble breaking your blue jeans addiction, start off with these ash green jeans. They aren’t that different compared to your usual faded blue pair. You will also love the stretchy fabric.

7. 1969 Resolution Skinny Flares in Burnt Russet ($55.99, Gap)

Gap Skinny Flare Russet Brown Jeans

For those who need a break from the skinny jeans, try these slim flared jeans. They are perfect for nailing the 1970′s trend that is all over fashion at the moment.

8. Skinny Belle Jeans in Plum ($59.99, Mango)

Mango Skinny Belle Jeans Plum

No, these aren’t black jeans. They are a very deep plum. They also have a waxed finish that dresses them up. Wear them out with heels and a crop top and no one will think you’re in jeans.

9. Super Slim-Fit Colchi Jeans in Medium Red ($59.99, Violeta)

Violeta Super Slim-Fit Colcci Jeans red

Blue jeans are a classic but red jeans have also gained a timeless appeal. The gold zipper pockets on the front are an interesting detail.

10. Mountaineer Relaxed Jeans in Fatigue ($98, Free People)

Free People Mountaineer Jeans

How many pairs of light blue boyfriend jeans do you own? Do you not even want to think about it? Try these faded green ones instead. Unlike the six other pairs that you own, these ones are actually different.

11. Lovers and Friends Ricky Skinny Jeans ($168, Nasty Gal)

Nasty Gal Lovers and Friends Ricky Skinny Jeans

These waxed burgundy jeans are the evening version of your regular red jeans. However, they would also look great dressed down with a chunky sweater and motorcycle boots.

12. Skinny Trousers in Mustard ($49.90, Zara)

Colored Jeans: Zara Mustard Jeans

Even if you don’t like the condiment, you shouldn’t rule out everything mustard. These mustard-colored jeans are perfect for fall. Wear them with your favorite faux fur vest.

13. Urban Renewal Vintage Levi’s Overdyed 501 Jeans in Gray ($79, Urban Outfitters)

Urban Renewal 501 Levis

If there is one pair of jeans that fashion girls are obsessed with it is Levi’s 501s. Gray may not be as unexpected as some of the other colors on the list, but you will get so much use out of these.

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