Who says that denim cannot be a bit fancy? We don’t mean fancy in the sense that you dress up in a denim suit and cowboy hat or a denim gown and walk the red carpet à la Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. We mean that your regular pair of blue jeans get a bit of an upgrade thanks to some embellishment. If you are having flashbacks of the jeans you wore in the 2000s that were decorated with sparkles, sequins, fringe, rhinestones, and embroidered flowers, hold that thought. The embellished jeans are less noticeable now. They have just the right amount of detail. Think sequins or embroidery, not everything. Pair them with a white t-shirt to make a classic look a bit more eye-catching.

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Update your denim wardrobe with one of these pairs of embellished jeans:

1. Premium Wash Boyfriend Jean With Stud Destruction ($98.50, Torrid)

Torrid Destruction Stud Jeans

How many pairs of ripped jeans do you own? Do you own any with studs? There is always room for one more pair in your collection, especially when these look different from the other distressed jeans you own.

2. Elle Embellished Pocket Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans ($22, Boohoo)

Boohoo Embellished Jeans

You may be wary of beading after your denim mishaps in the 2000s, but these embellished jeans prove they can look very pretty. The detail is focused around the pockets, so it isn’t too much.

3. Relaxed Crop Japan Jeans ($39.99, Mango)

Mango Relaxed Crop Japan Jeans

Not all embellished jeans are visible from a mile away. These cropped jeans will turn heads, but they aren’t garish. The knees are decorated with coordinating patches and stitching.

4. Liquor & Poker Jeans With Deep South Embroidery ($69, ASOS)

Liquor & Poker Jeans With Deep South Embroidery

Embroidery is a great way to add interest to your jeans and is more casual than crystals. This navy embroidery is more discreet than a rainbow design, so it will work with the majority of tops in your wardrobe.

5. Moto Embroidered Straight Jeans ($85, Topshop)

Topshop Moto Emboirdered Jeans

It doesn’t matter whether you love skinny, straight, or boyfriend jeans. The following is a list of possible alternatives. These embroidered straight jeans are great for those who like slim legs but don’t want all their circulation cut off.

6. The Ragged Priest Hand-Painted Mom Jeans With Snake and Ripped Knee ($163, ASOS)

The Ragged Priest Snake Jeans

Let your pants be the focus of your look when you are wearing these high-waisted jeans. They feature a hand-painted snake design slithering up one of the legs. They’re so cool.

7. Siwy Sara Embellished Saturday Night Skinny Jeans ($264, Revolve Clothing)

Siwy Denim

What could be more perfect to wear on a Saturday night than these skinny jeans? With that name, it is a must. The mix of raw edges and tonal sequined embellishment is unexpected.

8. Moto Stripe Silver Hem Hayden Jeans ($90, Topshop)

Topshop Silver Hem Jeans

If you prefer a more minimalist look, these blue jeans are decorated with silver stripes on the hem. Emphasize them with a coordinating pair of silver shoes.

9. Jammin’ Jamboree Jeans ($35.99, ModCloth)

ModCloth Jammin Jamboree Jeans

Most decoration on jeans goes all the way up the legs or focuses on the pockets. These blue jeans feature embroidery on the lower leg. The rest of the jeans are still interesting, too. Note the button fly with mismatched buttons.

10. Ultra Low-Rise Skinny Jeans in Bale Flowers Wash ($94.80, Guess)

Guess Floral Jeans

Even if you’re wearing a plain shirt, no one will say that your outfit is dull when wearing these jeans. They have a painted floral design that extends around to the back. A cluster of rhinestones completes the statement style.

11. Urban Renewal Remade Baja Patch Jeans ($89, Urban Outfitters)

Urban Renewal Patchwork Jeans

Patchwork denim is a major trend this season. Update your wardrobe with a pair of patchwork jeans. These are one-of-a-kind vintage jeans that have been given a new life thanks to pretty patches.

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